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This thread will be for finding which city to host NASA 2019 in, and then what stuff we all wanna have at it.

1. The first restriction for location of NASA is stream equipment, it basically needs to be in driving distance of darkaries and lurk since they haul most of the stuff.

Two things to note from this: Venue basically needs to be less than ~10 hours from Buffalo/Toronto. Secondly, darkaries' work lent him some tech for NASA 2018, so if we don't do it near Toronto, we likely won't have that for the event (projectors and a table mic, as well as some other stuff that I cant remember off the top of my head).

If someone who lives elsewhere could get stream equipment together for an event, then their location could be an option too.

2. Not a pain in the ass to travel to (financially or practically), some airports are a mess, and traveling from airports to a hotel can be shit too. Airport shuttles are a massive convenience, next being public transit from airport to within ~5 minute walk of hotel. Also, some airports might be easy for ground travel but not have as many flights (YHM for NASA 2018) forcing weird routes that can jack up airfare for those far away.

3. Fun stuff to do aside from video games. Arcades, amusement parks, etc. This is more of a bonus than a requirement but it's still nice.

Currently I'm only looking for cities, not specific hotels or any of that. That being said the cities that can work with these (that I've looked at so far), are: Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinatti, Toronto, Charlotte, Baltimore.

Should also note that these cities I looked at are ones with both hub airports and rollercoasters nearby. Holla at me with more suggestions.

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If you hit up Chicago, I'd 100% attend. It's probably a little expensive, but it's got plenty of shit to do and is a major air, bus, and train hub.

I'd also second Toronto.

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So philadelphia is the city im closest to and i can tell you a few things that might make it a good location based on the criteria you're looking for...

1. its driveable for people hauling the stream equipment, maybe a 7 hour drive but its still driveable and not too far

2. It has a large airport. Since its like the 5th or 6th largest city in the U.S. it also has a decent public transit system that goes from the airport too, however, the hotel if located in the suburbs needs to be close to a bus or train stop. as long as we pick a hotel with a nearby stop, we good. there are also a huge number of speedrunners who live nearby moreso than many other cities based on what i know.

3. six flags great adventure located in jackson new jersey. contains the worlds tallest roller coaster, kingda ka, and boasts like 10 other decent coasters. its about an hour away from the philly airport. laser tag, arcades, retro game stores are all kinda scattered throughout the area. theres multiple dave and busters, that kinda stuff, theres a super epic two story laser tag place just northeast of philly too which i highly recommend.

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Really liked the venue this past NASA, if we switch to one outside Canada most likely I won't be able to attend.
tho there are plenty of other places to look at, tho I do strongly recommend building a bond with a venue that we do like which could be very beneficial rather then moving to different ones each time and instead only move every so often when needed.

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I'd recommend Columbus and Cincinnati, since there are several options for hotels close to their respective airports, and both have a number of options for places to eat. While the airport close to Cincinnati is actually in Kentucky, you are a short drive from the downtown area, have a fairly large mall within walking distance of some of the hotels, and about twenty minutes from Kings Island.


Come back to st. catharines

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completely biased, but buffalo is near an airport and a six flags. regardless, i'd like to see it back in the states, somewhere midwest


Somewhere down south like Atlanta would be really cool. Would bring in some new faces to the event.

I also liked Chicago as well. In the Midwest, 2 airports, and tons of things to do.

But New Orleans... My goodness. That'd be amazing.

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there's a round one in chicago and i want to play drummania so there u go

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I'm a big fan of the event having been in Ontario. It's much cooler up in Canada so the weather is amazing. Toronto, the smaller cities just outside it, and Hamilton could all be good locations for it. Anything west or south of Toronto would be nice.

Summer is pretty shitty for places like Charlotte, NC and other things south of DC. Chicago, IL has an airport that is really easy to fly into because tons of flights route through O'Hare.

I went to an MLG in Columbus, OH which was during June. Stuff closes in that area. I remember on Sunday trying to find things that were open after 9pm was a bit of a task to do. Hell even finding lunch downtown after 5pm was hard. Gas stations legit closed in some places too. Couldn't get gas at several spots because it wasn't open. Was not a fan of being in or around Columbus, OH. Hung around the event venue most of the trip because there just wasn't shit to do. Maybe it's better further from downtown but even so if the fun part of town starts slowing down in the afternoon I'm suspicious of the rest of the area.

As a big fan of craft beer and microbreweries (I'm a licensed bartender where I live) liquor laws in the states suck which is another reason I prefer Canada because in the U.S. liquor laws vary by state, county, and city. Pennsylvania and New York have counties with restrictive liquor laws in regards to both purchasing times and if you can purchase at all on certain days depending on what county you are in. Any location in the U.S. where you have to buy liquor at a privately run liquor store has prices that are at times 50% higher than the locations where you can buy it at a grocery store or liquor store chain like Total Wine. LCBO is very reasonably priced especially when it comes to single serving craft beers. Their hard liquor bottle prices are quite reasonable too even comparable to chain liquor stores and grocery stores in the U.S.

Would love to go to Canada again for NASA but if not then Chicago would be amazing too. Lots of cool history in the area, great beer, great food, but idk what prices are like in the area. It is known for it's crime rate being really high though.

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Toronto and Hamilton are my two picks.
Hamilton is one GO bus directly from pearson airport, and one to two busses for local canadians (and it's closer to wonderland than St Catharines).

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100% needs to get out of Ontario next year, going to stagnate otherwise. Like I said in the feedback thread, the US South, (e.g. Florida, Georgia, Texas) is a pretty strong pick due to that region having jackshit in terms of marathons. Would bring in new runners, which the marathon needs, and it'd be great just for varieties sake. Tech transportation and location scouting would be biggest hurdles. If need-be changing pre-NASA's goal towards funding tech transportation/scouting would be worth it just to move the event honestly.

For specific locations, Atlanta and Dallas are really solid cities with lots to do. For Florida just take your pick of any city east of Tallahassee, they'd all undoubtedly be close to a theme park. New Orleans would be great too, but I don't see Louisiana happening unfortunately.

Out of the cities listed in the OP Charlotte is the best pick, furthest south and most unique out of the lot. Baltimore would be interesting but seems too close to DC/AGDQ. Chicago is a safe pick, NASA 1's location and airport transportation was great. Would love to have a Round 1 within driving distance again too. Cleveland and Cincinnati seem pretty bland but I don't know the regions well, I'd just do Chicago if we're doing Midwest again.

But yeah if we're limiting to just those cities Charlotte is by far the best choice, but I'd still rather see it move further South.


Anywhere but Ontario... I know it's super convenient for staff, but I just can't stand the place.

I have nothing to back up my argument, this is purely my own bias.


host it in San Jose ca please tyty in advance, alternatively somewhere close to an airport is ideal, if brobuzz hadn’t been kind enough to drive me it’d have been like 75USD cab fare one way from YHM to that hotel


please come back to usa i will come if you do

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada you live in Alberta so it would be easy for you to get there to bad it’s not 10 hours away from buffalo ? Edmonton also has lots of things to do like amusement parks, west Edmonton mall and many other things