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This Tournament will run during the Week of NASA Marathon between the 3rd of June to the 10th.

Game Details

Risk Legacy is a faster paced and more involved variation of standard risk with multiple ways to win other then total domination.
You are not not expected to know how to play prior to the tournament and will be briefed of the games rules before each match during set ups.
Rules of the game itself change over the course of each subsequent played "Game" based on the choices of the players themselves.

Additional Details

There may be a one time buy in Maximum of $5 at the event to add to a Top Players Prize pool. This will be split between down between the Top players pending our initial Sign ups.
If you cannot pay this minimum please do not enter the tournament in advance. Thank you.



You can view the player list and brackets/matches at the link below:



Due to some earlier issues with working out the sign ups you can do so by the following methods:
• You can Sign up in advance by contacting me either in Discord or Twitter,
• Alternatively you can sign up at the event in person as well.
• You can also post here until June 3rd.


No knowledge of how to play is required everyone will learn as each round is set up.
The most wins on the board by a single player is determined as the winner. Each round consists of up to 5 players.


I've never played risk legacy but I'm down to learn


I'm in, and yeah I'm for playing for cash


Due to some issues with how works and lacking multiplayer brackets.
I have created and updated my own via Gdocs.
If you have previous entered or are interested please refer to the first post.

Other news I'm gonna be fronting a cash or something better as a prize.
Pending our participants and initial sign ups, the buy in for the pool would be a nice added bonus to the top players.
Since I'm planning to front a size-able prize and also looking at Certs/Trophy(s), but mostly to have a good time I'd appreciate the involvement from others either as players or if you'd like to contribute at the event let me know.

This tournament should be allot of fun and worth the time since its a very fun game for everyone even spectators.


Custom Medals for the Top 3 players will be awarded for the tourney.
More specifics like Grand Prize, Pool and Extras TBA at the event June 3rd.
You will be able to join at any point even in progress at the event starting on the 4th.
Matches will begin to be organized starting June 3rd so if you do want to play some matches or shoot for winning please do get signed up so we can place you in matches with other players during the event.
Times for matches are decided at the event based on player availability so if more people wanting to play more matches that gives you better odds of getting more wins to Take the Top player spots.


Good thing I'm getting some risk practice tonight

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@sadfaps Practice for Legacy LUL

Anyways onsite sign ups will be available to attendees.
And I will have match sign ins with approximate times for players to get groups set up multiple times each day.
Keep in mind each group max 5 will play a match at the selected times.
There is no limit on the number of matches u can get in on but it is a semi first come basis.
Key thing to this is trying to net your self the majority of wins by end of match 15.


Appreciate those who participated in the Tourney.
Congrats to @Theyflower for taking the win after several quick decisive conquests.
Second place went to Teddy.
And Third goes to @AKC12.

Look forward to trying to arrange better and more stuff in the future on the side.
Was great to meet you all and looking forward to more side events in the future.

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