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With NASA 2018 we are trying to expand on the event itself. We are wondering what the general interest would be in having NASA run onsite tournaments and panels. A couple of examples could be a mystery tournament, puzzle game tournament, explaining stream tech panels, how to play X randomizer panels, etc. The general interest in these idea will help us decide how large of a venue we need to acquire. Thanks


i am generally interested


I could see that as being interesting


TAS pannel could be cool

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Tournaments are always great. However, you would have to organize it carefully. You'd have to decide the structure. If you want to do 1v1 matches or have a big qualifier race that feeds into top 4 / top 8 matches or even pools throughout all, you have to decide what would be best for the set up. If you have a larger quantity of tournaments you might not want to do all 1v1 matches since it takes forever but pool races together, etc. You also need to supply the consoles, games, and controllers.

Is this for on stream or off stream? If for on stream you might want to consider either running a 2nd stream for the tournaments / panels. If no 2nd stream then you could host the quarter finals / semi finals / grand finals on the last day / bonus stream day.

If you are looking for prize support for the tournaments you could also host qualifier races months before the event itself and take any sub/ad rev and use it for prize pool at the event itself. Or offer special passes that admit people into the tournaments with that extra fee going toward the pool. (qualifier race winners get free entry etc). There is a lot to figure out if you choose to have prize support.

Panels, i'm not so sure about. The purpose of panels is for information. For an event like this you could run a couple panels off stream or on a 2nd stream. Just be careful. The twitchcon speedrunning panel this year was terrible. They seemed to have no focus. If you decide to do a panel make sure you have a focus like "proper console capture" or "how to increase video quality". Don't do a general "how to grow your stream" and throw around shit memes like watch pie or something. Panels generally should be done at decent hours of the day so you can take questions from chat/audience. You don't want to host a panel during graveyard hours and have it be dead.

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The idea is to have both tournaments and panels streamed on our 2nd channel. We have both nasa_marathon (main) and nasamarathon (secondary) to utilize. As an aside, our main channel used to be named "naspeedrunnerassembly" and we already owned nasamarathon after the name-change service went live, so in order to switch these around we would need to wait 6 months to release the secondary name. Back to streaming, should there be enough interest in tournament and panels we would secure an additional room to host these events in. The idea is that it can be a multipurpose room when not being used for tournaments or panels, such as a place for boardgames. The finals of any tournaments we decide to host would likely be shown on the main stream. As far as style of tournament, it depends on the game and how many folks are interested. We are not limiting this to just video games either - board & card games tournaments are also welcome.

Supplying consoles, controllers, and games is not a feasible option for us. Everything that NASA has to work with tech-wise comes from the community itself based on the need of the event. The plan would be to coordinate with anyone interested to ensure we have the proper equipment to make the tournament happen. The streaming and capture we can already handle with a smaller, less robust setup than on our main stream.

Prizes and such are a little tricky. We don't have any ad/sub revenue, our channel currently has a quasi-partnership that is neither an actual partner nor an affiliate. You'll notice that while we have a check-mark, we have no sub button or way to accept bits. The only time we have accepted donations was during preNASA, which we do plan to do again. We are trying to expand the channel's usage so we can qualify for partnership, as this would help fund the event in many ways. If folks wanted to help supply prizes that would be great, but as mentioned above we already ask a lot from the community to help make the event happen.

For panels, the idea is to have a submission period for folks to submit topics for approval, similar to submitting a game to the marathon. Panels do not always have to be simply an information lecture-style session, as many of the professional conferences/panels I have attended have included both small and large group discussions, demonstrations, and opportunities for new hands-on experiences. I think almost every single speedrunning-focused panel has been multiple folks behind a table taking questions from a host, so that seems to be the current public perception of panels. However, they can be much broader than that, and certainly do not require multiple participants per panel.

The crowd for the panels we would host is definitely different than the latest TwitchCon17 panel, where the focus was all on partnered streamers and growing your channel from that point of view. While someone could submit that as a panel topic, it wouldn't make much sense given our lack of such partnered folk at our event. We would encourage everyone interested in running a panel to instead focus on the hobby of speedrunning itself, and understand that they will be talking to other speedrunners about it, not necessarily first-time runners or non-runners. We don't need a "What is speedrunning?" or "How do I choose a first speedgame?" type of panel.

More interesting topics and suggestions from speaking to folks would be game showcases or how to run X game, a TAS block or sharing methodology for creating a TAS, how to glitch hunt, how to give good commentary, how to route a game with no runners from scratch, marathon submission refinement, what do you do when you've hit a plateau in your speedgame, marathon logistics, LUA hitbox scripting showcase, and discussions around tonic's release of the speedrunning survey, just to name a few.

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Sure why not

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Personally I'd have no problem with offering ways to include board games and card tournaments into the event on the side, I would need a bit more support for the crew if that were to be something interested as I'm very happy to supply ones that I currently have or can get. If we were to request a small entry fee I could also arrange prizes and such as I have done similar things for local events in the past.

On the side of panels and things of that nature A suggestion I could offer is "Community inside" look at what communities around the games that are Nasa or other ran events are up to or working on, just a way for communities to also extend themselves to new possibly interested people in the games and potential runners as well as other events that may be working with the Nasa crew to keep people aware and informed of possibly interesting things going on even if its not at the event or shown on stream.

Just some thoughts I've had.


I'd be very interested in a magic the gathering tournament if people are interested. can supply some basic lands and or sealed packs for a draft.

Getting a tournament together for a game is tricky sometimes cause everyone plays different games, and im usually not big on the genres of games that the tournaments are typically for (fighting games)

we could also get creative. I remember at nasa 2016 there was competition to get good at a meme game nobody there had played before called chamelion twist i believe. could do not a tournament per se but like a competition/challenge for high scores/times, i dunno, just spitballing here.

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I have someone I know that runs a store that If we want to have Magic be something people play I can ask him about getting that to be a possibility if NASA wants to help support that, also could invite him down as a vendor as he owns a whole card/comics and collectibles store so he could have some stuff that many people would be interested in provided we are still in around the Toronto area or similar as they would be coming from Hamilton region.

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dude magic and speedrunning? Talk about a nerdfest. Count me in