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Need to catch a ride to the event? Need to find or fill a hotel room? Use this thread to help you find folks.

You can also connect right to our Discord travel channel here:


I live in the philly area and am willing to carpool with others. Also because I don't have (and won't get) a credit/debit card I'd like to arrange to pay for a hotel room in cash. If anyone needs more ppl to fill a room please contact me in a reasonable way and we can figure something out


I'll be arriving at Hamilton Airport about 9:45pm on the 2nd. Quite a long shot, but if anyone is gonna be there around the same time, perhaps we could carpool an uber or something?


I also need roommates. Im also gonna be driving so I can help ferry some people if needed


y'all two can room w/ me, read my first reply and lmk if there's an issue with that


Sounds good we just need one more then.


Any open spots? I'll be staying from Monday until Sunday.


Sylvaned is no longer able to attend, my room looking for one more (preferably someone who likes anime)


I'm interested in the spot, what day are you arriving?


Still +1 after tolarus most likely