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My attendance is somewhat based on Cyber's ability to attend.
That being my stake in the matter, I've enjoyed my time on since Cyber started streaming there.
The gist of it is that it's a website that really goes out of its way to support the streamers.
I have no doubt that they would put real effort into supporting NASA.
My vote goes towards the platform, thereby Cyber being able to attend, and solidifying my attendance.


@Naegleria, that's what the point of this thread was supposed to be in the first place. We've already had multiple discussions with the staff members, and this was supposed to get the attendees' input, rather than just get shut down nearly immediately lol

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I really think a StreamMe partnership deserves more consideration than NASA staff has given at the moment. A lot of the drawbacks I have seen for not using StreamMe either are very minor or simply don't exist. I think far too much weight is being placed on transient viewers gained from Twitch.

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I would like to point out that the discussion about switching to has been ongoing since Feb 9th. Implying that staff has not given the offer enough time or consideration is simply not the case.

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I'd just like to say that it seemed most people posting in here were in favor of the idea sans the staff, but not many people in general posted. Is this discussion over, or what?


the personal attack was unnecessary, though I'm not sure it was wrong.


@Dark-Aries Cyber has had to communicate individually with each of you and only recently has the staff gotten together as a group to discuss this. I know from personal experience that staff doesn't communicate with people and each other nearly as well as they should (based on the Combo Rush fiasco of being promised restreamers for a marathon and being told at the last minute that nobody would be around to help).

Honestly this whole decision has me befuddled. I thought the whole entire point of NASA existing in the first place was to be a fun runner-driven marathon for people to hang out with each other that was free from the pressures and regulations of GDQs. If that's the case, then why are staff prioritizing the stream and viewers over the runners?

This honestly isn't a hard decision. At the cost of less viewers and less stream traffic, you get several thousand dollars (which means either a smaller or negated attendance fee and an end to operating at a loss), a website and staff that would work with you 24/7 to make your event a success (as opposed to Twitch's erratic support quality), and far more lax rules about what could be said and what could happen on stream. Not to slam the guy (because he is based) but jymotion's drunken escapades last event could easily have gotten the stream banned. Either you're going to have to put measure into place that are going to prevent another indecent like that from happening (which means more rules) or you could go to a website that does not care at all if that happens.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this. I don't want to think that NASA is betraying its core values and founding principles for something as transient as attention, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a logical alternative that explains why the offer was turned down in favor of sticking with Twitch.

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I thought the other reason for NASA was to avoid selling out like GDQ. I'd rather pay $50 for a venue than sell out, especially if it comes at the cost of growing the marathon. It's one thing to say you're prioritizing runners, but it seems to me like it'd just screw over the viewers.

What exactly do you expect to happen that wouldn't be allowed on Twitch? I don't think their rules are overly strict, just don't be completely retarded and it'll be fine. NASA can be free of the rules and whatever of GDQ, GDQs rules aren't Twitch's rules.

I can pretty much guarantee that if I told a bunch of my viewers/other runners that I was doing a marathon run, then sent a link to a site other than Twitch, most of them wouldn't watch. I probably wouldn't.

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Can you define "selling out" for me?

Selling out, in my opinion, is taking money for personal gain that is against your core values and principles.
This deal isn't that, in any way. This is us getting our events paid for to do whatever we want to do normally, and have more freedom to do things our way more often. There is no "selling out" in any sense.

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Changing the way the event is run for the worse (imo) in exchange for money? I'd call that selling out. Whatever you want to call it, I'm against it.


How would the event be changed for the worse? It would be exactly the same, at worst, and much better, at best.

And here i thought NASA was about runners and having fun, not about regulations and shilling for viewers, must have been mistaken 😛


"What exactly do you expect to happen that wouldn't be allowed on Twitch?"

This is a good question, although the point about rules appears to be a minor one. I only know three things specifically disallowed by twitch TOS (there's probably more, but I haven't given it a browse in a while). Toplessness (ew), drinking (they usually look the other way anyway unless it's literally all the streamer does or it's obviously someone underage), or drug use (illegal in the first place). Sounds like too wild a party for me.


Since the discussion has turned passive-aggressive and unhealthy, it is now coming to a close. NASA has given an answer to the potential pitch from, and that decision has not changed in the week since this thread has been up. Thanks everyone for your time and participation.