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Hello, all. I'd like to present an open letter to the community, attendees, runners, and everyone who cares about NASA and speedrunning events like it.

To cut to the chase, I am working with a new streaming platform called Stream.Me, and the company that owns this website wants to build up their speedrunning presence and get speedrunners interested in the website.

So, they want to work with the NASA marathon, and pay for everything. That would mean they cover the entire hotel space for the event, and anyone attending would either get a refund or not have to pay for an attendance fee at all. They also said that they would be interested in funding additional marathons and fully funding them as well, meaning NASA could potentially expand to 2 or 3 times a year, assuming people's schedules sync up and so forth.

The owners of Stream.Me have a lot of money, and are willing to invest in certain people and certain communities to promote their website. They have a monthly giveaway contest based on how much you stream and they give away thousands of dollars.

They also have easy partner options, and I can get anyone a subscribe button if they ask me, and it can be a custom amount as well. The delay on the website is around 3-5 seconds, they have custom emote options so you can bring in all your favorite FFZ memes pretty easily. They have a feature called a "multistream" which is basically a built in race page you can organize with your buds. The TOS is a lot more lax, and they won't ban people for being "epic". They also aren't gaming exclusive and allow anything that isn't porn or movies on there. There are many more options than twitch for things that would benefit speedrunners and smaller streamers especially.

Not only do I think that them funding NASA is a good idea, I highly recommend looking into the website for personal use as well. I've made over a thousand dollars from doing literally nothing but what I've always been doing, and the site's been nothing but generous with myself, and the people I've brought over already. The only real downside is that we would get less passerby viewers that find the stream. However, personally, I think the pros heavily outweigh the cons, and the con could easily be negated if we advertised and promoted the alternative platform enough. I think the pros of being able to have speedrun meetups and marathons more frequently, potentially in smaller doses and so forth, is awesome and this website is willing to make it happen. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. If you wish to contact me privately for any sort of discussion, my discord is Cyberdemon531#3251.

The main point of this thread, is that after talking to various people on NASA staff, they all essentially said that they'd want to know what the general consensus is for the community as a whole and attendees, so that's why I'm making this thread. People can throw in there opinions, and hopefully have a civilized and well thought out discussion about this offer.

To put it simply:

Pros of NASA being on
No attendance fee
No strict rules for on stream behavior
Potentially funding future events in full
Potentially more events overall
Building a community that is ran by us

Less visibility and less passerby viewers for the event

What do you all think?

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Personally idc what platform the event is streamed to. Im not going to this event to try to blow up my twitch channel and get super popular.

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Depends on the staff, if they want the marathon to grow then getting more exposure means more runners. Also, unless is going to be providing long term, having one event paid for would probably not be that great of a payoff


Sounds interesting. If the owners of are actually serious about dropping money down for NASA and being able to pay off everything I feel it would make it easier on staff and attendees since they wouldn't have to pay. I doubt there would be a major drop in viewers since everyone that's interested in NASA would probably see the updated information on switching platforms from twitter and word of mouth would let people know as well.

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  [user deleted]

Is this an exclusivity contract, or would NASA still be able to multistream to twitch? (while advertising of course.)

Personally I think this is an amazing idea, but I think it'd be a great idea if NASA streams to both Twitch and while advertising to get them more exposure as well as NASA.

Just asking because I see an easy way to mutually benefit off of an already great idea

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For full funding of the event, it would have to be exclusive, and we would have to do our best to let all the viewers know where to go. If it was a dual stream, most viewers would just use twitch, and there wouldn't be much reason to go to the alternative website at that point.

Given that we still have 2 months, I believe that letting people know where to go is an easy task, and isn't much to worry about.

However, keep in mind that this is only for this upcoming event. If this happens and it's not a good thing or people want to go back to twitch, there's nothing stopping them.

  [user deleted]

Sounds good to me, just saw an opportunity to give more publicity and exposure through dual-streaming but if they'd rather not I don't have any issues with it. I'm fine with using, nice site and decent quality overall.

I support the idea myself, it's not like Twitch is doing NASA any favors.


Platform fir the event on personal preference doesn't mater not doing this for viewer base anyways but id like to see NASA get more attention etc.
I don't know if moving platforms would make that easier of not because it would involve more publicizing if they want a potentially larger viewere base.
If we stream to twitch random ppl are likely to drop in without publicizing much as with the large amount of ppl on that platform for viewers.

I dunno about this because that could also start tieing down NASA like other events in future...?


i'll try to weigh the goods and the bads as best i can

on one side having the event paid for is pretty good lets us redirect that money onto much better things like streaming gear. on the other realistically their investment is only a couple of thousand dollars and it's going to bind us to their site. i'd also rather pay 50 bucks to attend than go around promoting the event all day long like a paper boy

i do think that cfb represents the majority of runners coming, and that they are coming for the gathering and all of the fun that comes with it. i share the view that this event is not really a matter of trying to get popular. last time was dope and i'm 100% sure we can make it way better this time around

i was a big advocate for trying to get the runners not have to pay for the event earlier on the year because i think them flying themselves out, paying hotel etc. is enough of an expense, but 50 bucks more on top of that is nothing. maybe if they were flying everybody out it would be a different story, because then they would be carrying the weight of the event and open doors for us to bring in new people; but this is a very small fraction of the overall costs of the community, and certainly not enough benefits to be going through all that additional effort.

unlike the sellout gdq we were never really in it for the money to begin with, and i think that we should continue to not let money compel us to make decisions. since that is the only thing that is going to offer us, i think for now our best option is to continue on our own path but still leave the doors open for the future.

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I wouldn't view it as being "tied down", it's basically giving us money and freedom to do what we want to do anyway, but more easily. Possible future funding would mean more marathons and more meetups, as well.

Also, you don't have to promote anything, but chances are you'll be saying "reminder I'll be at nasa and doing X on X" regardless of if is involved, so there's no extra work there.


no, the money and freedom to do what we want would be paying for everyone's flights, hotel and the venue. your original post was not clear about whether they cover hotel costs as well, but that is still a minor cost. 50-125 out of a 650 dollar expense makes very little difference in the overall scheme of things for each individual member. even if they were willing to hand over 10,000 dollars for a venue, we can't even put that venue to use because we don't have that many people to entertain.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. This deal wouldn't hinder us in any capacity on doing what we want to do. In fact, given that their TOS is more lax and reasonable means we would, by default, have more potential for fun. Funding future events is also better so people dont have to worry about coordinating funds as much. Paying for every runner's travel would be quite difficult, and expensive, but not completely out of the question if the relationship were to be extremely beneficial for both parties.

I'd also like to say that if the marathon is on twitch, then I cannot attend the event at all, for full transparency.


I personally am in full support of joining NASA with, sounds like a great idea that mutually benefits both parties.

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I do think though that it's not a decision for the organizers to take lightly, in the end the staff will come up with the right choice for their goals for NASA.


i see. even so, i'd still try to negotiate with them for a better deal since they are inhibiting our freedom to show the content we produce wherever we want.

in my eyes, they need to at the very least pay for all equipment, venue, and hotel costs of the runners. and it shouldn't bind us to them in any way outside of whatever content is produced as a consequence of this NASA. if everything goes smoothly and it proves to be beneficial for reasons that aren't purely economical, then we can discuss a more long term relationship.

signing contracts is an extremely dangerous game, and most business people seek to exploit smaller things so they can reap the fruits of when they become bigger. that is not going to happen while i'm around.

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paying for the runners would be a bit more sketch since now not only the staff that would be under contract, but the runners as well (unless of course they shell out a few thousand out of the goodness of their hearts)


After careful consideration as a group, we (as in the "NASA staff") have a summary for why NASA will not be entering into a contract with this year.

The money being offered isn't enough to make the switch worth it since it only covers the venue. We're not confident that we could reach their estimate for success at 400 concurrent viewers on their platform given our viewer history. It's an unwanted pressure on the on-site atmosphere.

The growth isn't a guarantee given the conditions above. The money isn't a huge issue given we will break even on costs on a relatively cheap attendance fee of $50. The grassroots tech gathering has worked out well so far. We've operated at somewhat of a loss up until this year and are okay with that, with an easy example being Naegleria funding the venue last year(and almost everyone's rooms)

Having more events, such as 2-3 per year, means we'd have to put a lot more time into the events. Staff would need the sort of support like having a full-time job for at least a few members.

Twitch has been working with us to improve the stream. An easy example was them giving us front page multiple times during NASA2016. We hit our peak viewership of 4.5k during that time. We don't have much of a pull since we don't have a charity or esport aspect, but we have a good standing relationship with Twitch.

Even if NASA did enter the contract, there would still be an attendance fee because the venue is only a portion of the marathon's overall costs.

The "strict" rules on Twitch stream behavior have worked fine for our past marathons, so switching based on Terms of Service isn't really a concern. We're fine with the line we're at with our stream behavior.

We're thankful for the offer, but do not think this is the right direction for the event. Please feel free to continue to discuss the options and ask questions.

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  Cyberdemon531Cyberdemon531 staff was basing it's offer off of what naegleria told us, if you thought you needed more, that probably shouldve been brought up then, or slightly afterward, imo

The metric for "success" isn't hard and fast, and 400 concurrent viewers isn't really their metric, either.

More events also isn't forced, obviously. It's an option/offer. Nothing more, nothing less. There's no expectation of free labor, either. If things went well, then they would compensate you for them.

If you have connections with twitch, could you get me unbanned so that I could attend the event as well?

What other costs are there? Again, I was looking for this info from some of you but didn't really get any straight answers, the only cost I was told was the venue.

I don't really see how the contract is negative at all. It's not binding past one marathon, and it would give you guys a hell of a lot less stress considering costs, and would cheapen things for everyone involved.

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If most of the attendees wanted to do streamme I'd be more inclined to reconsider, but as it stands lurk's post sums it up.