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Alright so the marathon is officially over. We appreciate both positive and negative feedback and suggestions from everybody even if you attended or even only watched online. We need to know what we did right and what maybe didn't go so well. It's the only way the event can improve. Staff opinions will be posted at a later date.


not enough astronauts imo

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Having everyone wearing "Make Speedrunning Great Again" hats seemed like a terrible way to show off how much better this marathon is by not supporting a charity which could lose non profit status by displaying any sort of political affiliation. I felt like it was a very low blow to other marathons and made NASA look tacky and immature.


Replying to the posts above:

No one was forced to wear any of the hats that were there. Parody is totally fine, and doesn't necessarily show political affiliation (the event was hosted in Canada for fuck's sake).

The setup music I guess didn't really fit the tone of the marathon, but definitely understandable from a copyright point of view. Also, bonus streams are done entirely by the runners. If no one has a copy of Mario Party, then no one is going to put it on as a bonus stream.

Now for my thoughts on the event:

I really liked the chilled, laid back nature of the event. It felt a bit more personal with the smaller spaces, and I felt pretty at home. The casual/practice room was good for the amount of TVs and consoles that were there, but another PC setup would have been nice (perhaps one of the laptops in the room would have worked as well, but meh).

It was definitely a lot better organized than last year, with the tech issues being kept to a minimum. The schedule was relatively on time, maybe a few hours off, but nowhere near last year's delays. The organizers were especially accommodating, moving times around for those when needed. If the organizers weren't so flexible, it probably would have been worse off.

Overall, I found the event enjoyable, and do want to come back next year (hopefully still being hosted in the GTA).

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I didn't go to the event, but I thought the venue was very lacking. I found it hard to find food during graveyard hours and even the stuff that was open during the day was a bit too expensive. Something like Taco Bell was 5x expensive compared to what I can get back home. Really poor choice there Naegleria.

The stream could have also used a bit more in the way of updog. Usually I can forgive smaller streams for this, but NASA was seriously lacking in this regard. Next year, it would be best to invest in this more heavily.

The hotel rooms were okay, didn't really have any issues with them.



The good:

- The venue was actually pretty good for our event's size. Space wasn't an issue and the practice room was far away from the stream room this year. Last year, the volume from the Mafia games was highly disruptive to several runners and I'm glad that issue was addressed. Having that separate space for Mafia really made this week more enjoyable.
- No internet problems, and the marathon was even somewhat watchable on wifi! BIG PLUS.
- We stayed mostly on schedule this year! Great job everyone! Big shoutout to Dark-Aries for all the hard work put in on tech, and all the people involved in scheduling.
- Practice room was great in general. We had an abundance of TVs - I think there was just one day where I had trouble finding a place to play. Orchestrating races was challenging but that's to be expected in such a small event. My only problem was a lack of power strips for laptops (see below.)

The bad:

- For there allegedly being no food allowed in the stream room, the stream room was rather messy. I understand allowing food in the practice room because we had no dedicated place to eat and game like larger marathons did, but I definitely suggest more strictly enforcing allowing covered drinks only in the stream room next year.
- Food options were a bit lacking. There were definitely options - just not many of them. My only minor nitpick was everything being closed during the holiday made grocery shopping a bit of a pain for people, but I'm not sure there was a lot that can be done. I missed the IHOP right outside the hotel at last NASA. I doubt we're going back to that venue next year even if we do have it in Chicago.
- Setup music was definitely blah. If you're concerned about vods being muted, I highly recommend using music from more obscure franchises. From my experience, as long as you avoid Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy, you should be good. I run a playlist of video game music on my stream all the time and haven't been muted once since I started avoiding those franchises.
- Lack of power strips was a big issue in the practice room. There were plenty of wall outlets, but we only had I think one or two power strips not used for the practice PC. It was not adequate for people who wanted to run splits or for people who needed PCs for OTF routing, note taking, local recording, etc. Even just one extra power strip would have helped tremendously. I highly recommend confirming how many power strips we have for the practice room prior to next year's marathon. If I go, I'll see about bringing a couple from home.

Overall, the marathon was run much more smoothly than last year. Kudos to the organizers and everyone on staff.

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The location was great as far as public transit, getting to the event from the airport wasn't that big of a hassle. It was my first trip outside of America and I was able to get around without needing an uber or getting lost or even having cell phone service. That was pretty fantastic! For being right in the middle of everything, though, it also somehow wasn't really close to anything because of waiting for a return bus trip. I know securing a location was an issue to begin with due to the original host double-booking or something similar to that, so for getting a site without a lot of time to shop around for one, I think you guys found a good spot. Hotel staff seemed helpful enough, it was a short walk from the bus stop, and the bus stop was a hub to everywhere else. NASA can't make them run more buses, though, for people who weren't on-site but wanted to get around a bit.

When submitting information about when we were available to run, the form said to put additional information in the next box or something similar to that. Then there was no free-form box for this information. I posted my information in the Discord saying I preferred to have my runs as close together as possible, as between work and lodging and so forth if I was only able to swing by for a day or two I still wanted to go. I didn't care which days, just as long as I didn't have to commit to the full week in case other things came up. I'm not sure if that information got lost or that just wasn't possible in the schedule but I ended up having a run on Tuesday and Friday which is the opposite of what I was hoping. I was able to get there and do my runs in the end, and I'm happy I was invited and got to come and play, but for a lot of reasons that are totally outside the control of NASA it would have been nice if I could have cut the trip short. I'm not complaining about the marathon schedule itself - I would have mentioned something when it was announced, but I still had time to get on-site lodging at that point which is by far the biggest issue I had (and has nothing to do with NASA). Even when I realized I wouldn't be able to do that, I didn't want to upend an entire schedule 'cause I just didn't like it and not because I actually couldn't be there, but I'll probably be a bigger pain in the ass in the future. If the form used to get schedule information was 'finished' and able to keep all of my information together, though, it might not have been that way to begin with.

TSA -totally- took just my A/V cable out of my luggage. Just the a/v cable -- it wasn't at home, and all my other cables were OK (including my frayed laptop charger). This left me with a two consoles I could do absolutely nothing with all week. Spare cables, even without consoles, for the practice room woulda been sweet, but who the heck has consoles and no cables? (This guy.) I wouldn't have had 'em on my shopping list either if I were running a marathon.

tl;dr -- NASA itself is fantastic, pretty much everything else made me wanna go home. I had fun overall, but it would have been 1337 times more fun if I was on-site with everyone, and that ain't NASA's fault.

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The stream room needed a projector or TV above the others so my fellow manlets and I could see the game if the room was full and had to sit in the back.

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setup music was excellent, fit the background really nicely and gave the stream character and a more professional tone. stream worked great, tech crew was excellent and were on point in keeping the event clean

was not a fan of the actual space we had this year(except the outside lobby space we had, that was rad). no windows made rooms get ridiculously hot/smelly and a lack of oxygen, especially during hyped runs or mafia/wolf sessions. agree with headcrab that there needed to be some sort of projector where everyone's heads were irrelevant, sometimes it was hard to watch runs.

food was close so that was good, honestly there's not much to complain about

next year we definitely need more space though, there were too many people for the space we had

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-marathon was fun, lax atmosphere and all that
-hotel and rooms were good, never had any major issues with them and the free breakfast was nice.
-location was pretty solid, lots of food options and stuff to do in the area like Canada's wonderland. Not as good as last year's but you're not gonna beat a 24/7 Dennys and Round 1.
-stream/practice rooms got swampy as fuck. Stream room was fine most of the time but got swampy during big runs and the practice room was almost constantly running hot, there was no AC and mafia was unbearable until it was moved outside. Both rooms were a little small as well.
-tech shit was pretty bad at times, some long setup times (40 minute setup for marvel land lmao) and audio was hit-or-miss depending on the run just from the few VODs I watched. Audio seemed bad when the audience/couch tried to get miced up too
-dates for the marathon still sucked. few people like snowy and stingray got cucked out of coming because the marathon overlapped with their finals/graduation shit. Moving the marathon to June would be better.
-would like to see the marathon expanded from 5 to 7 days.
-wording headcrab, some PC runs were unwatchable just because the chair blocked the monitor.

also Toronto was good but the next location should be Southern or Western US imo, somewhere like Florida, Texas, or Colorado. Those areas don't have many major marathons and I wouldn't mind switching it up for varieties sake.

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The good
Stream room was comfy as shit
Proximity of stream and casual room was great
Stream problems were few and far between, a big step up from last year
No one was super drunk to the point of being obnoxious(other then during farcry 3)
Farcry 3 was pretty based
Location of hotel was pretty good in terms of food considering this was choice #3, I wouldn't be opposed to going back to the same hotel
City choice was also good, If we (the marathon) were to come back to Canada, Toronto should be highly considered again (altough I wouldn't be opposed to Ottawa or Montreal)
Chat wasn't as cancer as I would have imagined
A good number of people were awake during graveyar hours, avoiding the stream room to be empty most of the time
Mafia was a good time
Canada's Wonderland was good for 2 reasons:
1. It's fucking wonderland
2. Frosh week effect, met people early in the week that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise
Did not hear "Hype" a single time duting the event
Everyone was hella chill
Free breakfast and parking
Event, in general, owned
Probably other stuff that I forgot

The bad/improvable
stream room was, on occasion, hot as shit
casual room layout could have been worked on, most of the TVs were spread across 2 tables and there was a lot of empty room near the sink
Also seemed to have a lack of power bard
Seconding what's been said about having a projector or something for a few runs so everyone can see
Setup for races really needs to be worked on
Sens lost to Pittsburgh

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my comments

criticisms with possible solutions
-a screen in the practice room with the marathon feed on it would be a massive plus, sometimes the stream wouldn't load well on my phone or the practice PC was in use for something else
-heat in the rooms was an issue, it was handled better as the event went by putting a fan in front of the AC unit but still didn't feel optimal, wish we could have opened a window, it was quite cool outside all event thank goodness
-PC runs could not be viewed well in the room because of PC chair height as well as them not being split to a second screen like many console games were. I showed up way early to WWW to get a seat which could see the monitor, later in the marathon Nandos' (that's what we named that huge gorilla right?) presence also blocked a lot of the view but that was for memes and while a little annoying it can be written off
-stuff closed too damn early, food options were dead overnight, liquor store closed at 9pm, Victoria Day was thoroughly shot, though I understand locations can't be helped sometimes due to cost
-changing the time where the chat monitor screen turns off to "never" and manually turning on/off the marathon game PC monitor, this would make colin's (and everyone's) life better so he wouldn't have to get up and turn chat back on throughout a run
-races have long setup time, possibly testing race capture and layouts before the marathon starts as well as labeling the specific proved-working equipment to be used could help reduce this time by knowing which things connect in what order in advance of the race, downside is we've all experienced plugging/unplugging something a hundred times and then it randomly screwing everything up the 101st time you do it so I'm not sure effective pretesting would actually be
-setup music could stand to be more time of day/theme friendly, really odd having these pounding beats and trap tracks before chill runs, if there was more stylistic variance that would be awesome, solution is play more trance imo 😊
-would enjoy having an easy list of clickable links for runners' twitch/twitter/whatever here on the forum since I'm currently looking up and typing names into twitch one at a time to follow people, it would be nice to middle-click a bunch of links all at once

-mafia and board games were lit
-shittons of CRTs
-being able to preinstall and configure my game on the marathon computer before my run as well being able to do the same on the practice pc ❤️
-having good tech people
-producers putting memes into the overlay and messing with estimates/text in real time
-having chat visible in the stream room
-food was closeby
-marathon being in the north during late spring when it would be hot many other places
-the atmosphere of the marathon being dedComfy, it was nice to be able to talk in the stream room, drink a dr pepper, eat some onion rings, check my phone, do a shot, yell at chat during runs, do meme shit like walk/tab away from the run briefly and come back. It doesn't feel sterile and studio produced.
-PC headphones on the marathon PC (sennheisers) were amazing

those are all my current thoughts, was a great trip, been catching up on the VODs for the runs I missed due to Niagra Falls/Mafia games

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before I forget shit


-location was top notch. food options were fantastic, had something different every night and was fine with going to some places again if I wanted to. had something for everyone even those that were on a budget. stores nearby for shopping if need be and didn't need a car unless you were going pretty far and even then you had other transportation to get around. good shit with that

-group trip to canada's wonderland, albeit organizing it could've been better dealt with more communication, except I dont think anyone was left behind. I didn't expect anything like this to happen so kudos to naegleria for putting that together, really fun day

-hotel was pretty nice. any issues were minor at the worst and even then could be dealt with. wifi was good, breakfast was whatever (but it was free, so eh), and good customer service. no microwaves in the rooms sucked ass, but I didn't have to use one too much.

-currency conversion rate was nice, I ended up spending less money while there including the hotel


-needs a larger stream room. most runs barely filled the room, but for some runs that room got packed and hot fast. was solved later on in the week, but more room and air circulation would be nice especially if more decide to show up to next year's -EDIT- adding this to it all as it's really needed, could really use a projector next event. even my tall ass had trouble seeing sometimes while sitting down and I could tell people wanted to arrange themselves in other seats so they can see what's going on.

-I heard the setup music was pretty shit (I didn't hear it myself at all). I can understand wanting to use free use music due to twitch's copyright policies, but most of that free use shit is generic garbage and even though chat was lame for the most part, I had seen that complaint show up quite a lot. bad music can drive viewers away (although I'm not sure if NASA is striving to become more popular online). just something to consider.

-FUCK customs

-setup times were long as shit....I'm sure staff knows this first hand

can't think of anything else, really good event and actually had fun there and was engaging with the event more than just treating it as a hangout compared to past GDQ events (too big for their own good). felt like something I needed and wanted to relax which I was able to. hope there's another, cheers


Las Vegas for NASA next year, kthx

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Alright time to leave some FEEDBACK

I've said this a few times before but now i'm gonna say it here, NASA was the best fucking week of the year from start to finish. From the moment I landed in Canada until when I left, it was consistently fantastic. It was amazing to be able to meet and hang out with so many legendary people!

The Wonderland trip was godlike, never been to an amusement park like that before.

The food selection around the area probably could have had more, but everywhere around that I went was pretty based. Especially Tims, really enjoyed Tims.

Every run that I watched in the stream room was great, and the atmosphere in the stream/casual room was great. Just a bunch of god gamers hanging out and cracking open a cold one.

Hell yeah.

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hotel: sometimes tiny spiders in your bed, sometimes no AC. i liked the connected stream/practice room of last year's nasa. need third room for mafia.

food: really liked having options that weren't fast food and shitty chains

location: easy for me to get to, i would love it if it stayed around this area

special thanks to the tech boys who literally run this shit

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Hotel was alright, free breakfast was not bad. The lack of power of the ACs in the marathon rooms were a bit bad. Practice room was also just a bit too small, especially when mafia took over the first few days and boardgames in the last few days. The fuck was up with that wedding the first few days tho lol.

Food was pretty good, enough locations to go to, walking 10 min for the food court wasn't bad.

Location was pretty nice, close to everything and just 20 min from the airport by car. Also easy to get downtown Toronto with the train. Wouldnt mind if it was here again next year.

The marathon itself was hella fun, good atmosphere and people were nice. Kinda felt like ESA14.

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NASA was....fine. I never expected to fully fit in with the crowd (I never do), and I didn't. With one notable exception, that's fine. I can't honestly say this is an event I'd cross the continent for again (unless it's in the very same location, I HELLA want to come back to Toronto). If the next one is in my timezone, which I imagine isn't terribly likely, I'd probably be very interested in returning.

The hotel was lovely. Excellent service, and I added about a pound of cholesterol to my body from that breakfast bar. (Hey, you gotta live a little, 'specially on vacation) I thought the price was pretty reasonable too, even as I was a single individual in a room with 2 beds. For reasons both visible and not, I am someone who thrives on privacy, so it would have been nice to get a single at the group rate. Is that something that's just not in enough demand to go for? I understand most attendees were 2 or 3 (or 4?) to a room because of cost concerns, but that was never gonna happen for me.

I really didn't use the practice room at all (I brought my own computer and practiced in my hotel room) and I still have no idea what "Mafia" is, so much of the extracurriculars to the marathon I really can't comment on. I thought event staff were quite courteous and helpful.

And I talked with staff about it a little, but I may as well bring it up here too. As the runner who came next after the infamous Far Cry 3 run, and was thus the only person "forced" to be there (though I did come down hella early expecting to download my game onto the stream PC, not remembering that that run was on PC too), being in that room was extraordinarily uncomfortable. Some of my friends who tuned in for my run and saw that one were also very put off, to say the least. I understand that many adult beverages were enjoyed, and if that's your thing, cool. I'm not asking anyone to change for me. Many other people are identifying that run as their favourite from the entire event. And if runs like that are what NASA is, then great, I know I don't need to come back. If people want to and are allowed to act like that, it becomes incumbent on me to avoid that sort of behaviour if I want to (and I do). Whatever events I might go to in the future, there's a few names I'm gonna know to look out for.

I enjoyed the trip immensely, though it's mostly for reasons that didn't have to do with NASA itself. But for giving me a pretext to haul myself off to Toronto, I'm definitely thankful 🙂


Oh yeah people were mentioning customs (though that has nothing to do with NASA). Canadian customs = quick and friendly. American customs = absolute bag of dicks.

Frankly I'd expect nothing less 😃


"-This internet meme needs to stop "

wording this