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I went fancy and decided to rent an RTMP server. It will just makes things much easier in the end. I will make sure a streamer's doc will be written up before the marathon starts.


Hello everyone! I was referred to this event through Likeanoob100. I am a leader in the Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour community and I am expressing my gratitude to those that are trying this underrated Mario sports game. I am here because I have been informed that Likeanoob100 has a schedule conflict with the posted timeslot for the run on Monday the 5th at 2:17pm EST. He messaged me on Discord and I have agreed to accept the honor of representing the game for pre-NASA since I will be free that day.

I just thought I'd let the moderators know in case there are any changes that need to be made. If there is anything I need to do on my end, please feel free to contact me. I'll be on the lookout for updates to these forums regarding stream setup since I'm still fairly new to the online-marathon concept (this will be my 2nd).


Twitch: metalyoshi_progamer
Twitter: MetalYoshiGamer
Discord: MetalYoshi ProGamer (user# 6358)


@Dark-Aries What othe info or setup is required for us the runners including other info for stream to you guys etc is needed or when will we be given this info..

Also I have an incentive idea for costume selection for the my run as well.


I hope putting this post here is a good enough place, but, I filled out one of the 50 different attendance forms (the last one, it probably was) saying I was not able to do it anymore but we're on the schedule anyway, and on top of that we're slotted for a time several hours away from any of the estimates I gave at a time now where I'd never dream to be available.

So, uh, I guess you guys should fix that because we'll definitely never be there, like I submitted weeks ago...... I didn't come back to check because it should have already been taken care of. I've only checked now because one of my viewers in my stream tonight mentioned how they'd be seeing me in the morning doing L4D2 co-op, and I was like, what?

Hope the rest of the marathon goes well.

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get on the discord for the marathon to get it sorted out is my suggestion were active on there.