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good schedule. i approve. my timeslot works.


My jet set radio future timeslot wont work, id need to be moved to after 3:30PM EST at least on friday.

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Time slot is fine for me, (If it needs to be moved because of shuffling as long as its in the days before monday I'm good to go. I have the time off from work to enjoy watching as well. )
looking forward to the Onechanbara run hopefully I'll be able to get some neat tricks working in time.
Plus costume incentive would be nice for it =p


Around the same time, I have a run in a Castlevania Marathon. It would be really nice, if you could put it on Saturday.


I just got offered a high paying gig right during the slot of my run, so if you can't move me later than 10 PM PST Friday, or around my current slot or later on Saturday then you can drop me entirely. Sorry about this, the opportunity popped up literally a few hours ago.


Perfect! Hopefully we can get some of the higher donation tiers for the randomizer!


the current times for JSRF/cabela's won't work for me since I'll be working until 9PM EST


I am happy with my timeslot, thank you


I'm good with my time slot. If you need to accommodate runners I can be moved to an earlier time.


Is it possible to change Reverse Dungeon Order to MST as a donation incentive? Also my timeslot works great.
Thanks in advance.


Yo thank you so much for moving my slot! Sorry again about that.


I'm good with my timeslots, grateful that I can be so early on!


Is that 1 hour and 5 seconds estimate for Ratchet & Clank what was actually submitted? 😃 I kinda like that


The shuffling has pushed me into a slot I can't make. I don't become available on Saturday night until 8 PM EST.

(If I could be right up against Myzlstyx again like I was in the original schedule, that would be ideal and would save some setup time - when the original schedule came out that way, we explored the possibility of doing our runs from the same location.)


is it possible if i could have my block toward the evening rather than the morning? I'd like to have my own thing going into the prenasa block, and it'd be vastly more efficient. Is anywhere starting around 8pm-12am possible on sunday?


How will streaming work? Will we stream to a hitbox account and you restream it?