I know it's a long shot because it's a smaller, shorter event, but is anyone planning on organizing any other kinds of tournaments or gaming, traditional or non-traditional? Pokémon Puzzle League, Smash, Zelda Randomizer, Board games, MTG-Commander, draft, etc. Even just races in general.

If there's interest, I can bring a few Commander decks. Also, those of you who have never had the chance to do a live race, do it. It's mind-blowingly more fun than over SRL.


i will be bringing a bunch of commander decks as long as you are cool with proxied decks. my playgroup doesnt bother with real decks for commander.


Yo I'm super down for some commander, definitely bring a deck or two.


I have proxies in my decks too but I own everything proxied in it - I just don't feel comfortable bringing a Timetwister, duals, etc. onsite. I have a handful of decks I can bring as well.


I have dominion+several expansions if anyone else is into that game or is interested in playing it.


Magic the Gathering players: I'm considering bringing a box of Shadows over Innistrad onsite, to run $12 or free Phantom drafts with, if there is enough interest. If there is little interest in an actual draft, I can also do up to six Winston drafts with a box.


I'll be bringing betrayal at the house on the hill in addition to my commander decks. I would also be down to take part in a draft.


Well one of the people I was going to draft with can't make it, so I got some singles instead of a box. We can still play plenty of commander games.

I'll be wearing a black or white shirt with Raikou (Pokemon) and Dixie/Kiddy (DKC3) on it almost every day of the event - should be pretty easy to find me.


i could bring edh and modern. also have packs of return to ravnica and conspiracy and a few others. i could bring if people were down for a draft.


Triple RTR would be sick to draft - one of my favorite recent limited formats. I won't be bringing any modern - just a fistful of edh decks.

Does anyone here play android: netrunner? I could bring my set.


i'll have at least 1 chess board on me

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if there's someone out there actually into android netrunner i will bring my cards.
i will bring my ps4 if people wanna play sfv
i am also willing to learn and play any board game that anyone brings


Sure - I'll bring my Netrunner set. I don't play a lot of tournaments, so don't expect anything tournament-quality.


i just started playing a couple weeks ago so no worries
i'm just gonna bring like a single corp deck and play with whatever you bring


@licensetobill I'll bring my runners/corps so you can play the other side too if you wish.