I didn't see a thread about couch commentary so I will create one.

I'm interested in couching for Kanis' DKC run and possibly AlecK's FF12 run.


I have an interest in commenting on Quest 64 - JP All Spirits by Bingchang, Jump Jet Rex by PvtCb, and Castlevania (NES) by Komrade


To quote the rules on this subject:

Runner(s) are promoted to NASA Staff during their runs
-if a runner wants you off the stream during their run, then you are not allowed on stream
-if a runner wants you to stop doing something, stop doing it
-runners can ban people from the stream (but runner bans are only active til their run is over)

So long as the runner approves then feel free to coordinate with them for commentary. Nothing needs to be ~approved~ in any sort of official sense beyond that.

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I'm looking for 1-2 people to be on the couch for Four Swords Adventures. I'd prefer someone who has a solid basis of Zelda speedrunning or is someone I know kinda well.


The audio mixer has a limit of 4 mics, so thats the maximum number of commentators. You don't NEED to pre-approve commentators for your runs, but if you want to then go for it.

If you don't know anyone who can commentate your run, and would like someone to be on commentary, then you should ask here. I could learn the gist of a few games and commentate if need be, or someone else could volunteer.

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Would like to know if anyone has interest to Commentate Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness and Bomberman 64. If you do have interest then let me know.


@sluckyseven Are you familiar with the glitches?

@Naegleria Are we able to have people commentate via discord/skype? I would like to have squidtepig/jazzychoi1991 commentate on Quest if possible, and I might be able to have the creator of Caster on if he is willing.


I'm looking for couch for Earthbound as well - preferably someone familiar with the run.


bingchang: yes


how big of a delay would skype/discord have for someone to commentate?


well they could communicate in real time, but they would be watching the stream which would be delayed.


Yeah, then my idea would not be very workable, unfortunately. Thanks for the clarification.


Actually if it were over Skype and we had good enough bandwidth we could screen share the Game from my computer to the commentator so there would be nearly no delay. I do it on stream all the time.


Or if Skype was on another device we could webcam the game to them


that would be a bit odd, I would assume the easiest way to run skype would be on the stream rig which will already have the game footage.


While I'm fully capable of commentating God Hand while I run it I do believe that the run would be more solid if I had some backup. PvtCb has been learning it a bit so I'll ask him if he'd like to be on commentary. Also, Naegleria don't you already know a bit about the run? You could join in too if you'd like.


I can commentate/couch for Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow if the runners are cool with it.

Edit: Actually if CV:LoD stays where it is on the schedule then I won't be there for it, I'll be there for CV: AoS tho


This isn't likely, but if anyone here is familiar with Flywrench speedrunning I would love the have you on the couch. Most of the run I can commentate myself fine. But I need to concentrate hard with Sun Skip at the end so I tend to not explain it or explain it very poorly when doing live commentary. It would be nice to have someone be able to explain what I am skipping as without knowledge of the actually level it ends up looking like I do the level completely normally when I'm actually doing a very precise and neat skip.


Is anyone familiar enough with Lost Levels to couch for it? I probably won't be saying a lot during that run due to the immense amount of concentration the game requires.


Quick question: any specific rules/guidelines regarding commentary? Are we going with the GDQ approach aka swearing to a minimum, all family friendly, etc. or are there are any other do's/dont's outside of the immediately obvious?