About time to start coordinating travel to the event. I'll list a few details about the hotel and my own travel plans.

Hampton Inn & Suites Addison
1685 West Lake Street, Addison, Illinois, 60101, USA
TEL: +1-630-495-9511

To book a room follow this link:

Parking is free at the hotel. Check in is listed as 3pm and checkout as 12pm. For those arriving by plane there is no shuttle service. Try to arrange rides or take a taxi.

Room mate thread:

AFAIK I'll be carpooling with licensetobill from NY state (Buffalo area). I think we could have room for two more?


I'll be flying from England on the 18th and going back on the 23rd if anyone else is gonna be going from here.

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There isn't shuttle service. The hotels with conference spaces that offered it had $1200+ more per day for the conference space.


Planning to drive, will base my time on site around when the run would be in play (assuming it gets accepted, of course).


I'll likely be busing myself down since it's more cost effective. I'd also be open to carpooling with anyone arriving from southern Ontario.


SsupNerds, we would be passing through Southern Ontario, maybe carpooling would be an option. It would help with gas costs, in the least.

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Flying in on the 18th arriving at 2:50pm from philly and leaving the 23rd at 10:00pm hmu if anyone is arriving or leaving near these times


Just checked uber prices from the airport to the hotel, $28 - $36, if anyone else is arriving at a close time to each other might be worth splitting it.

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I'll be driving from baltimore with cyberdemon, planning on arriving on the 18th. If any other locals want to carpool let me know. Once i get to the hotel i'm willing to make airport runs for people if needed, just throw me a couple bucks for gas.


I'm driving in 30 min from the north, if anyone along the way needs a ride hmu


I have actually noted the walking distance from the airport to the hotel and it isn't horrifying, really. Half an hour-ish. Might be worse with a bag in tow but I've got luggage that has wheels so I might just hoof it if no better options become available.


Me and Montucky will be driving up Friday morning and be leaving Sunday night. We can grab 2 people if you're on the way from Cincy to Chicago, or Louisville to Chicago. Contact twitter (@Bbforky) or Discord (Bbforky#6225)


i think im gonna buy plane tickets. they havent spiked to high prices yet i hope.

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Hey I'm Ty. I am planning on Attending on Friday and Saturday only. I plan on taking a Greyhound bus to Chicago. The station is about 30-40 minutes from the hotel.

If anyone would be willing to pick me up please contact me. I am offering to pay for gas to the venue and back to the station. E mail me at or DM me on and hopefully we can work something out.

-Thank you!