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Since I'm providing the gaming PC for the event, I'll also help coordinate them. PC games have notoriously bad setups at marathons, so I'm making a thread to help clarify the process.

Desktop Specs:

The plan is to have everything setup by 8am on the 19th so we can start testing runs, with priority to the starting runs (dark souls, max payne 2, etc.)

Obviously we want to get your games set well before your run so you have time to test stuff out. The best method for installing your game would be to bring it on a USB flash drive. You can also install it via steam, although that takes longer and might not be as reliable. Feel free to bring your own keyboards, mice, and whatever else.

From the schedule, it looks like there are a total of 22 PC games. AFAIK from the schedule, these are all of the PC games:


dark souls 1
max payne 2
cave story
devil may cry 3
perfect stride
kero blaster
dark souls 3
freedom planet
1001 spikes
true crime: streets of l.a.
octodad: dadliest catch
towerfall ascension
axiom verge
dustforce dx
doom 2
grand theft auto: ballad of gay tony
jumpjet rex

If I missed your PC game that's cool just post here. I also already have some of these games installed (like dark souls 1, cave story, kero blaster, quake, etc.) so feel free to reinstall or tweak whatever to make the game run as you need.

As of right now there is no backup PC. In the (incredibly unfortunate and costly) event that my PC breaks down or does not run your game properly, I don't know what to tell you. If someone would like to offer a backup PC that would be great. If you are able to bring your own rig, that would also be great.


I'm bringing my desktop with me. I can supply it as the backup PC in case of emergency or as a practice PC

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I think you missed towerfall ascension with the dark world expansion



basically if your game wasn't listed as PC on the schedule then it didn't make the above list


I'm not sure if my mouse saves it's dpi setting so that I don't need SS engine installed. I play on specific settings so would be it k to install SS engine incase I need to set my mouse settings properly?


im bringing my mouse and keyboard, and will just have the doom files on google drive to download (its only like 20 megs or so so it wont take long)


I'm planning to download Dustforce from steam. I also believe i might download a 3rd party mod made by one of our players that can get me all the levels unlocked for any%. I am bringing my own keyboard. I'll also bring a flash drive for the save stuff just in case.