im cheap and willing to sleep in awful conditions at nasa to save money. id love to hear any cheapskate plans if anyone has other good recommendations.


i think your best cheapskate options are:

1) get into a room w/ 4+ people to offset the price even more, rotate beds or sleep on the floor
2) ask to borrow a bed from somebody when they and their roommates aren't using it
3) find a separate hotel nearby that is cheaper
4) sleep in your car

i doubt the hotel staff will be keen on the idea of people sleeping in the stream room or other hotel areas, though you can probably catch a quick nap here and there


Yeah pretty sure sleeping in the stream room is a bad idea.


if you sleep in the stream room, anyone can wake you up and its your fault not theirs.

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I will make sure that Teddy won't be sleeping in the stream room, don't worry about it.


Hey, looking for a room. Can get there either the 18th or 19th, and leave either the 23rd or 24th, whatever works for the group. Ideally a room of 4 (counting myself). Can book if needed, or pay via paypal / google wallet.


Got room for 1 more if anyone is still looking. Message me on twitter if you're interested.


My room is full now, but one of our people will only be there for one night (22nd). So if anyone is at the event for any day but the 22nd and wants a hot deal on a room I`m open.


Room is now full for all days for anyone still looking.


Crap I was just about to ask if anyone had a room from the Thursday to that Sunday. Uh... anyone need a roomate? Preferably a room of 4.


I'll be staying overnight starting on Thursday night and I'll be leaving on Sunday (3 nights total). I could join your room Madtaz64.

Otherwise I don't mind sharing a king bedroom since I'm perfectly okay with sleeping on the chair.


Our fourth backed out - now I have an open slot in my room. Anyone looking to stay for the full marathon, Thursday through Monday?


Was going to room with a bunch of people but one already has a room, two are only going for a day, and another isn't going. Wonder if anyone has a room and is looking for 1-2 people to split costs.


Again, a slot in my room is open. Anyone willing to join me?