Ok, the hotel rep made a link for us to book through. Please book using this as certain rooms are set aside for the event. You need to book by May 5th for this specific link. Currently only rooms with 2 queen beds are booked but I can change it to have others if people request it.

Usually people make groups of 4 for these, in theory you could have more so long as no more than 4 people are sleeping at a time due to the fire code; but it can start to stink pretty fast with non-stop 4 people in a room 24/7.


I have a suite reserved and I'm looking for one more roommate for the 18th-23rd. It would be around 155 per person. The suite has 2 beds and a couch and when I reserved on hotels.Com earlier this week it said I could have 5 people the way I figure it 2 people to a bed (one being taken by myself and the dark souls 1 runner) and the other person gets the couch to themselves or can bring an air mattress.

My only real rules are keep the room decent, and don't do anything to get us kicked out. Because it is a suite we should have plenty of room for playing games and hanging out.

So I suppose just let me know if you are interested and we can hook up on Skype to go over stuff.


I'm looking for a group to roommate with, would be preferable if the room contained at least one person that I'm somewhat personally familiar with. And the only names I can think of off the top of my head for that is PvtCb and Naegleria. I'm not entirely sure I know any of the other runners this time around.


pvtcb is actually in my room along with naxhpl and cyberdemon.

  [user deleted]

Group rate doesnt work if you are staying the 18th which is a sad 😭


Hmmm, then go ahead and count me in. I'll fill the last spot, darkfox36. I take it that the room is already booked, figured out, and that all I'll need to do from this point on is bring enough dosh for my portion?


Yep, go ahead and add me on skype and we can go over details. I also might be able to help with your airport situation depending on when you land.

Skype username is the same as here.


I booked a room as well and would prefer to room with people I know as well. Kirbymastah, Kanis, AlecK47, johannhowitzer, and the Pokémon Puzzle League crew would be my top choices. I only request one person bring an air mattress so one person can have a solo bed, priority going to whoever has a run the next day. We could operate on a rotation system for beds as well. Other than that, just keep the room not stupidly messy and be respectful to everyone. We could all split the cost of the room evenly (with four people it'd be around $155 apiece).



me and my girlfriend need 2 people. Tweet at me because I don't think I'll check messages here thanks 🙂


I'm looking for a room if anyone has space for one more. Pretty chill dude, will just play video games like 90% of the time.


I'm cool with rooming with RaikouRider, assuming there's still space available. Otherwise I'll be looking for a room too. Prefer quiet over parties, because I'm an insomniac. 😛


Cool, AlecK47 we're confirmed to room together now. Mind PMing me your Skype or something on Twitch so we can further coordinate, especially closer to the event?

I'm looking for one or two more.


I'm still looking Raikou if you want.


I am planning on driving down the 22nd and leaving the 23rd so if someone is willing to let me crash in their room for one night I am willing to make payment arrangements.


My wife and I would like a room with a queen bed, is that feasible? We would not be looking to room with anyone, obviously.


^ check the hotel's website


My room is full now, just an fyi for people looking.


I've booked my own room, anyone who wants to room with me message me on twitter or twitch.


i plan on not booking a room and sleeping in the stream room and maybe paying someone like 20$ or so to stash my stuff in their room and using their showers. Is this good plan?

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