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- Phillips in-ear earbuds
- white micro-usb cable
- HDMI cable
- RCA audio splitter
- 3.5mm extension cable
- DVI cable
- green board game hexagon things (withhelde?)

- Sony headphones (claimed, Messenger)
- N64 (claimed, Moofin)
- Nintendo DS Lite charger (Lurk)
- PlayStation (1/2) composite cable (claimed, AlecK47)


I think my super everdrive might be in someone's room. I'm leaving real soon so if someone has it I'll pay for you to ship it to me.


Cook's everdrive was recovered. I have the rest of the items. I'll be checking this thread, but you can tweet at me as well to make sure I know I have your item.


Sony headphones are mine, I realized I had left them there after I had gotten back home. Feel free to use them as you see fit.


Added a Nintendo DS Lite charger. It was found in my room (230) but it apparently doesn't belong to any of us (cfb, lurk, cook)


swing that shit my way if no one else claims it jy


I have like a bunch of ds lite chargers at my work so like if peeps needs em just pay me and I will brin it to DH mtl


I think the PS2 composite cable is mine, actually. I'm short one, and I as tired as I was after my FF12 run I could see myself leaving it there.

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Sorry, didn't see that this til now. I still have it, so you can either DM me your address and I'll mail it to ya, or hold off until the next NASA/whatever we both attend.

If you don't like either of those options, you can find em for less than $3 on ebay. Just let me know.