I just want to say thanks to the judges who gave Axiom Verge a second chance. I ran it at AGDQ2016 and honestly, it wasn't my proudest moment. Run overall went well but, marathon% struck. I know I can do better than that and I have on numerous occasions (just before my AGDQ run, 3 times actually) and I know this is a great speedgame with an amazing, growing community. I'm glad I get to represent it once more.

Thanks again!


A little flustered at not getting my main game, but I'm very glad to run Earthbound, and I should be able to give Lost Levels with Mario a good showing.

Thanks, looking forward to May!


Is there any estimate on when the schedule will be out?


Still waiting on a couple runners availability before I make it. I'll probably go ahead and make one and ask those afterwards i guess.


just found out i'll be arriving friday morning, so i will need my timeslot switched, sorry. also i have decided i would like to switch my category to any%