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So proud to announce that the NASA Marathon schedule is up.
Both NieR (2010) and NieR: Automata will be played at the event during the NieR Block.
I will be running NG+ for NieR, and Any% Story for Onechanbara Z2: Chaos.
Trineas will be running NieR: Automata at the event as well.

I was asked about doing the 4 hour + Any% run for NieR (2010),
and got Automata in instead, Trineas will be running it instead of me.
It will be interesting since at the event he will be doing the PS4 version that I'm bringing up with me.
If we can somehow manage to get a second system besides mine at the event,
there is a slight chance that It could end up becoming a Race between us.

Anyways Super excited about that happening,
Trineas was not even suppose to run nor was it actually submitted so that's great.
You can see the Full schedule at the website link below;

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Less then 2 more weeks till NASA Marathon,
Excited to be able to bring Both NieRs to the event to share the experience with others.

Starts 22nd of May on Monday!


1 week till NASA marathon


NASA marathon starts 10am EST MONDAY.
I'm leaving shortly after posting this message to head up and settle in before it starts see you all from the event during NieR block.


NASA 2017 has long and passed now and all the vods should be up on the Youtube channel below;

Was allot of fun and look forward to 2018.