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As the title says the purpose of this thread will be to " List any tricks, skips and or Glitches. "

When adding to this thread please put in details of the TSG (Specifics to it such as where and how to do it.) and include a Vod if one is available. You must also state the latest patch and platform(s) it was used in if known and please try to credit the people responsible for it properly as well.

Ideally the videos should be clean 1 shot examples with no commentary unless necessary, provide the additional information as a description with the post as it would be more useful in most cases.

The Main Idea for this is having it all available in one place and it would be good to have it here on our boards for easy access to new and current runners.
This thread will be used to gather and compile a Master Guide later on.

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Since nobody's posted them yet, here's Zen's BFO skips for Bridge and Factory.

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