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Hello everyone and welcome to the Guide of Installing and configuring FAR for PC NieR: Automata Speedruns !

First of all head over to :
and grab the Installer called SKIM.

Start up SKIM and you will see this screen :

It's as simple as it could be. Simply click on Install and you will see this screen showing the most current Main branch Version (Current Version as of 15th April 17) :

Simply click yes and wait for the install to finish no need to set a path or anything.

If the SKIM auto-installer doesn't work, go to:
and download one of the .7z files with a version number (e.g. FAR_0_7_0_11.7z)
Extract the contents of the archive into the folder where your NieRAutomata.exe file is stored.
When finished, it should look like this:

The first time you boot up your game you will notice that your Game has a yellow overlay on your screen.
Turn this OSD off once and on again with the Buttom Prompt "CTRL + Shift + O" to get rid of the message.

Afterwards press "CTRL + Shift + Backspace" to get into the configuration Menu. (Don't worry we get rid of all these Numbers and monitoring Features really soon)

First of all you will see the EULA like this :

Simply click the never show me again Buttom and click Accept.

You will land in the Main Configuration Menu.
If you never encountered any Problems with the game in the past no changes need to be made here at all.

In case you struggle with constant FPS you can use the Option called "Global illumination Quality" for a Big FPS Boost while loosing minimum Quality. I recommend setting this to Middle or Low in case you have FPS problems.

If you have made changes or not let's move on to the next step. Open the Menu "On Screen Display (OSD)" and turn off the Checkboxes of "GPU Stats" and "Framerate" if you don't want these to be on screen. The only required setting is "Title /Clock". So make adjustments to your likings.

Last and most importantly we will activate the Frame Counter we use to verify runs.

Go under "Compability Settings" > "Debugging" and set the "Log Level" Slider to 1 and nothing else but 1. Make sure the top left of your screen now shows "FRAME: X Amount of Numbers" and slowly counts up. That's the part which is required to verify runs.

That's it. The OSD can be turned on and off at all times by using "CTRL + Shift + O" but will only be required to show once before you start your runs and at the end of your run on the Titlescreen/Save Select.

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This guide is now OUTDATED. If you found your way here somehow, please use the following guide to set up FAR instead: