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I would like to just say I'm very happy with the number of submissions in the last almost 2 weeks at the time of writing this. I would like to just clarify somethings tho about when we submit runs to be verified;

Please allow at least 2 to 7 days for submissions,
I tend to wait a few days to go over the runs a few at a time since I do re-time runs and like to talk with the person(s) about their submission(s) and to make sure everything is good.

Another reason for me wanting to do it a few times a few rather then each day is because I do have a real job that pays for everything I do, I hope that we can all respect that we have lives outside speedrunning games.

One last note is that I will try and continue to do a sorta weekly or biweekly update on runs that were submitted so that we all can see them and talk about the most current runs being done, I think it's fun and lets us see what we have been working hard on.

As an additional Side note, If and when we gain more runners and more submissions come in either for the Demo or the full game going forward More moderators will be added as necessary please do not ever feel like I'm not paying attention I read the Discord frequently and if I do miss something feel free to let me know myself and you all are only human and not an android. ❤️

Have Fun speedrunning the demo and eventually the full game.


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Thanks for the update Mash, I completely understand! You take your time with the runs haha But you had me fooled 😱 I thought you were the real life version of 9S!

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I will be adding a new rule to runs that have a time in any of the categories under 10:30 to also require milliseconds in the submitted times as I'm seeing people rounding submission times up. I personally time each submission multiple times for accuracy and if the submitted times are not close enough to the times I get they either get adjusted or if they are too far off they will be rejected. If you have a run that you think has a discrepancy please DM either in the Discord or Twitter. If we need to start including splits in the future then that will be requirement for all runs.