[A] in 1h 22m 05s 180ms by

+30 in factory again lmao 9S stole all the xp from Flyer & first Grun core so this run kinda sucks.

[A] Difficulty
PC 1.01
Load Removed Time
1h 22m 05s 180ms
Real Time Attack
1h 24m 09s 950ms
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Super moderator
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-Shmup end4m 20s 368ms4m 20s 368ms
2-Marx 1 start0m 31s 061ms4m 51s 429ms
3-Marx 1 end0m 38s 774ms5m 30s 203ms
4-Marx 2 start2m 45s 478ms8m 15s 681ms
5-Marx 2 end0m 37s 410ms8m 53s 091ms
6-10 minute reset2m 37s 603ms11m 30s 694ms
7-Engels intermission end0m 33s 797ms12m 04s 491ms
8Prologue1m 47s 240ms13m 51s 731ms
9-Shmup start2m 08s 264ms15m 59s 995ms
10-City Ruins discovery1m 34s 012ms17m 34s 007ms
11-Resistance Camp discovery0m 36s 110ms18m 10s 117ms
12-Housing District discovery6m 06s 340ms24m 16s 457ms
13-Adam 1 start2m 16s 767ms26m 33s 224ms
14Adam 1 end0m 45s 275ms27m 18s 499ms
15-Beauvoir start4m 53s 050ms32m 11s 549ms
16-Beauvoir hacking end0m 58s 428ms33m 09s 977ms
17Beauvoir end1m 04s 198ms34m 14s 175ms
18-Village discovery1m 14s 792ms35m 28s 967ms
19-City Engels end4m 54s 249ms40m 23s 216ms
20Negotiations (EDS Skip)
2m 43s 995ms43m 07s 211ms
21-Where the fuck is my vc3?3m 41s 192ms46m 48s 403ms
22-Forest discovery0m 21s 760ms47m 10s 163ms
23-Best girl start2m 09s 982ms49m 20s 145ms
24Best girl end0m 33s 732ms49m 53s 877ms
25-Flooded City discovery1m 53s 940ms51m 47s 817ms
26-Grun start4m 12s 694ms56m 00s 511ms
27-Grun laser strike3m 00s 545ms59m 01s 056ms
28-Third mortar hit1m 23s 504ms1h 00m 24s 560ms
29-Extra split0m 05s 381ms1h 00m 29s 941ms
30Grun end4m 04s 936ms1h 04m 34s 877ms
31-Copied City discovery1m 37s 120ms1h 06m 11s 997ms
32-Adam 2 start0m 23s 409ms1h 06m 35s 406ms
33-Adam phase 2 start0m 57s 885ms1h 07m 33s 291ms
34-Adam phase 3 start0m 29s 999ms1h 08m 03s 290ms
35Adam 2 end0m 20s 737ms1h 08m 24s 027ms
36-Mooks room3m 33s 337ms1h 11m 57s 364ms
37-So-Shi end3m 59s 620ms1h 15m 56s 984ms
38Factory 2 end1m 03s 548ms1h 17m 00s 532ms
39-Burning Res Camp1m 22s 296ms1h 18m 22s 828ms
40-Boku-shi end1m 17s 688ms1h 19m 40s 516ms
41-Core #1 end0m 29s 592ms1h 20m 10s 108ms
42-Core #2 end1m 37s 608ms1h 21m 47s 716ms
43-Eve phase 3 start0m 51s 629ms1h 22m 39s 345ms
44[A] Ending (WR)1m 30s 609ms1h 24m 09s 954ms