[DEMO] High jump Tutorial

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Here is a video tutorial for the most used and common high jump on the NieR:Automata Demo

I separate this high jump on 2 part with for each one 2 level of comprehension
I say the inputs and the movement associated to them below
If you have some difficulties to see every movement try to concentrate on the sound, You can ear a sword sound at every movement (almost)
Here is how it's organize

Time: Name (Weapon set at the begining)
Inputs needed
Move needed (same things than inputs but with the names of the moves)

0:00: High Jump Core Setup (Weapon set 2)
Inputs: ● X →Triangle →X →Triangle →R2+Triangle
Move: ●Jump →Strongh Attack →Jump →Strongh Attack →Dash strike
The basic idea is to do a strongh attack (triangle) between each actions

0:24: High jump core (Weapon set 2)
Inputs: ●X+Triangle →Triangle →X →Triangle →R2+Triangle
Move: ● Lift Up →Strongh Attack →Jump →Strongh Attack →dash strike
Replace the initial jump by a lift-up for more heigh

0:53: 1rst Lift up setup (Weapon set 1)
Inputs: ●6x Square
Move: ●6x Light attack

1:04: 1st Lift up (Weapon set 1)
Inputs: ●6x Square →Up →Triangle →X+Triangle
Move: ●6x Light Attack →Change Weapons →Strongh attack →Lift up
The lift up at the end is the same than the lift up for High jump core v2

1:41: Complete High Jump (Weapon set 1)
Inputs: ● 6x Square →Up →Triangle →X+Triangle →Triangle →X →Triangle →R2+Triangle
Move: ● 6x Light Attack →Change Weapons →Strongh attack →Lift up →Strongh Attack →Jump →Strongh Attack →dash strike
Just add the 1st Lift Up and the High Jump core together