.How to install Icefire's VC3Mod

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VC3Mod version 1.4 or higher is required for submission to the [A] VC3Mod main category
Note: Submissions prior to 2019 November 1 are allowed to use VC3Mod version 1.2 or higher
⦁ In order for the mod to activate, the player must begin their run from a New Game.
⦁ Upgrade materials will be added to the inventory as soon as the final cutscene in Adam Pit triggers.
⦁ VC3Mod version 1.4 and onwards has an overlay displaying the version of the mod. Older versions of VC3Mod will reveal itself to moderators by appending vc3mod1.X to the player's save file name as the game progresses. This is for verification purposes and must be shown to have changed in order for the submission to be valid.
⦁ VC3Mod can run into compatibility issues, please bear with us as we iron them out.



Download & Install

Download the latest release from: https://github.com/jackalstomper/AutomataSpeedrunMod/releases
⦁ Current latest version: AutomataMod.1-3.zip

Extract the contents of the archive and place the file named xinput1_3 into the folder where your NieRAutomata.exe file is located.
⦁ Note: the file will always be named as xinput1_3 even for different versions of the mod

When finished, it should look like this:

To uninstall the mod, simply delete the xinput1_3 file from your install directory.



Icefire has gracefully integrated a logging feature into the mod. The log file documents what has transpired during the most recent run, as shown below.
To access the log file, navigate to: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.automataMod\automataMod.log

This directory can be easily accessed by opening the Run window (Winkey + R) and entering: %appdata%


Known Issues

A full & up-to-date list of known issues is also on Icefire's GitHub: https://github.com/jackalstomper/AutomataSpeedrunMod/issues

⦁ VC3Mod does not work when using Xbox Elite Controller software - please contact Icefire or the moderators in the NieR Speedrun discord for help to find a solution.