.How to install and use Wolf’s NARoIP Racing mod AND Icefire's VC3Mod

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This guide covers the following community-made mods

NARoIP = NieR:Automata Race over Internet Protocol - The kinda-multiplayer mod
VC3Mod = Virtuous Contract 3 Mod

All of the above modifications are launched using the NARoIP launcher and can be toggled on and off depending on the category you wish to run.

THESE MODIFICATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SPEEDRUN NIER:AUTOMATA. However, there are special rules for using each when submitting to the leaderboards.





To submit runs using NARoIP, you must comply with the following:
- Must be version 0.0.2 or above.
- Please ensure that the text reading "NARoIP[XXXXX]" is visible on-screen when the mod is installed and injected into the game.
- As of June 6th 2020, submissions that have NARoIP installed and and appearing correctly may be submitted for ANY category.
- If NARoIP clients may run into compatibility issues, please notify either @Mytherium#2245 and/or @Woeful_Wolf#0666 directly.

What is NARoIP?

NARoIP is a mod which adds basic multiplayer-like synchronization between game clients. Players on a server have their positions and names shared visually in the 3D game-world. The distance from your own player to other players is also displayed.
This was made specifically with speedrunners in mind.
Based upon the 2bhook mod created by mar7ymoose.

Players may connect to our official NARoIP server hosted in Amazon Web Services:

Quick video demonstration of NARoIP


Q: Can I host my own NARoIP server?
A: Yes, the server listens on UDP port 11939. Clients outside of the server’s local network will need to connect to the Public IP address to that Private network. For self-hosting a NARoIP server: port-forward UDP port 11939 from your home router to the Private IP address of the PC running the NARoIP server software.

Q: Can I use NARoIP and VC3Mod at the same time?
A: Yes. NARoIP includes the latest version of VC3Mod to allow for easy installation of both mods. Please report any incompatibilities to @Woeful_Wolf#0666 and @Icefire#0519.

Q: Can I use NARoIP and FAR at the same time?
A: Yes. If you are unable to open the FAR menu or display the FAR on-screen display, uninstall FAR and reinstall FAR. Tested versions of FAR that work with NARoIP are FAR v0.7.0.11, v0.7.0.14, v0.7.0.23. Please report any incompatibilities to @Woeful_Wolf#0666.

Q: Can we have multiple NARoIP races happen at the same time?
A: Yes, however all players who are connected to a single server will be able to see everyone else connected to that server. There is no system in place for isolating groups of players who are connected to the SAME NARoIP server. Example: One Bingo team can see the whereabouts of another connected Bingo team if they are connected to the SAME NARoIP server. Multiple NARoIP servers must be used in order to isolate competing teams from each other.

Q: Can other players influence my game?
A: No, the other racers connected to the NARoIP server cannot influence your game.

Q: Does the NARoIP client work when running the Development Debug Build of Automata?
A: Not tested, please inform us if this does or does not work.

Q: Will other players' icons appear on my mini-map?
A: No. Contact @Woeful_Wolf#0666 for more information and/or if you wish to help.

Q: Will I be able to save my fastest runs and race my 'ghosts' like in racing games?
A: Soon™. Contact @Woeful_Wolf#0666 for more information and/or if you wish to help.


Installing NARoIP

Download the latest release from: https://github.com/WoefulWolf/NARoIP
⦁ Current latest version: NARoIP_v0.1.1

Extract the contents of the archive and place the file named xinput1_3 into the folder where your NieRAutomata.exe file is located.
⦁ Note: the file will always be named as xinput1_3 even for different versions of the mod

When finished, it should look like this:

Uninstalling NARoIP

To uninstall NARoIP, simply delete the xinput1_3 file from your install directory.


Configuring NARoIP

Open the GUI menu in-game by pressing the PAGEUP key. This hotkey can be changed under the Config tab.

- Control the colour of other players’ names.
- Circle Max Size: Controls how large the circle can be when up close to them. DO NOT SET THIS OVER 99, you won’t be able to see the GUI when near other players.
- Circle Range: Controls how far away the player can see other players’ circles in the world.
- Name Range: Controls how far away the player can see other players’ names in the world.
- OSD X & Y Positions: Controls the position of the On-Screen Display on your screen.
- Username: Enter the screen-name you wish to display to other players on the server. DO NOT EXCEED THE 7 CHARACTER LIMIT.
- IP: Enter the IP address or FQDN of the server you wish to connect to over port 11939. Note: Private IP addresses are only accepted if the NARoIP server is local to you and can communicate with the NARoIP server on port 11939.

When disconnected from NARoIP server:

When connected to NARoIP server:


Message @Mytherium#2245 and/or @Woeful_Wolf#0666 directly with a screenshot of the NieR Automata Debug Console window if you are not able to connect to a NARoIP server.

Official NARoIP Racing Server

Feel free to use the official NARoIP racing server. This is a dedicated virtual private server hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud hosting. This installation is free for you to connect to and use, and is administered solely by @Mytherium#2245 from the NieR & Drakengard Speedruns Discord.

To connect, simply copy/paste ONE of the following into the ‘IP’ field in the NETWORK tab:

If you would like to host your own NARoIP server, please refer to the documentation on WoefulWolf’s Github for running the server software on either Windows or Linux.



Privacy Statement

The NARoIP server software and administrator are able to view the Public IP addresses of any clients who connect to it. The NARoIP server software DOES NOT permanently log clients’ IP addresses, nor does it distribute that information to any other user and/or entity other than the server’s administrator. @Mytherium#2245 is the sole owner and administrator of the virtual private server hosting the NARoIP server software for clients to connect to and will abide by the Terms of Service set by Amazon Web Services. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the information used by the NARoIP server software and/or the virtual private server the NARoIP software runs on, feel free to contact @Mytherium#2245 and/or @Woeful_Wolf#0666 directly with your concerns.

Known NARoIP Issues

A full & up-to-date list of known issues is also on WoefulWolf’s GitHub: https://github.com/WoefulWolf/NARoIP/issues





VC3Mod version 1.4 or higher is required for submission to the [A] VC3Mod main category
Note: Submissions prior to 2019 November 1 are allowed to use VC3Mod version 1.2 or higher
⦁ In order for the mod to activate, the player must begin their run from a New Game.
⦁ Upgrade materials will be added to the inventory as soon as the final cutscene in Adam Pit triggers.
⦁ Diamond Taunt+2 chips will be added to the inventory when the player triggers the Housing Discovery cutscene if they have killed at least 1 Desert Flyer. Additional Taunt+2 chips will also be converted into diamonds.
⦁ VC3Mod version 1.4 and onwards has an overlay displaying the version of the mod. Older versions of VC3Mod will reveal itself to moderators by appending vc3mod1.X to the player's save file name as the game progresses. This is for verification purposes and must be shown to have changed in order for the submission to be valid.
⦁ VC3Mod can run into compatibility issues, please bear with us as we iron them out.


Installing VC3Mod