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You know, I was just thinking to myself today at school that this would be a fun game to run and one of those reasons was because I assumed that timing would start after the character customization screen, but I was positively SHOCKED and HEARTBROKEN when I got back home and realized that this wasn't true! I think it'd be really cool if you guys could change the start of your run to after you hit the check box on your name.

I know this is a really dumb thing to get worked up over but I just thought I'd put it out there, it'd definitely make me interested in running this game


I don't think it adds any value to the 1 star categorie.. It's already super short and I wouldn't think every attempt people will customize their character.

But for the longer categories like 5 stars, I would think people would like to customize the character.. But this won't add any value so I would say no.

This was also brought up several times in our Discord so it is not a weird question!
Please join the server if you would like to discuss this topic:

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We talked about this in the discord multiple times and most people were against it. Plus right now we are doing a mass retiming of the board to remove loads from wii so already a lot of work 😊

You can still customise your character but it will eat into ur time as it isn't an important factor of the run. There are other things you can do to make the run more unique too like building something diffrently etc ^^ I really hope you do run mysims still we would love to have more players 🙂

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