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Hi everyone and welcome to Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020!

Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020 is an on-site marathon taking place at VGM Con March 6-8. The venue will be the beautiful Sheraton West Minneapoils at 12201 Ridgedale Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305. Click here for hotel photos.

We will be fundraising for CarbonFund, a non-profit providing carbon offsetting resources for business and organizations. To learn more about CarbonFund, you can visit their website here.

Outside of the marathon, there will be lots to do at VGM Con! There will be several concerts by bands such as Do a Barrel Roll. If you play an instrument, you can have a jam session in the dedicated jam space. If you're not wanting to play music, you can attend a tournament, panel, or attend the market at the convention or shop at Ridgedale Mall across the street. There's something for everyone!

Midwinter Speedsprinter will be streamed on the Midwest Speedfest Twitch page

Midwinter Speedsprinter will also be restreamed in several foreign languages. There will be a French restream by Baguette Restream , a German restream at Germench , A Portugese restream at SpeedrunsBrasil, and a Japanese Restream at Japanese Restream. Please support their channels!

Submissions open November 18 and end February 6 at 11:59pm. The schedule will be released as soon as possible once submissions close.

Three things to note if you plan on submitting:

1. If you are a runner you must register for the convention here. Please use the code MWSS and you will receive a discount!.
2. The marathon will be going on 24 hours a day, so please make sure you account for that in your availability.
3. Runners need to bring the game equipment required for their run. This includes game, controllers, power, and AV cables. Midwest Speedfest will be providing the stream setup.
4. If you're booking a hotel room, you can register here.

If you have any questions, please post about them in the Midwest Speedfest discord here. You must be in the marathon discord to run at the marathon!

Thanks for reading all of this and hope to see you at Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020!