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Hey MVP 2005 mods. My names Jimmy, I’m a SM64 speedrunner and YT/Twitch streamer. I submitted this game to in May 2017 after looking for games to run and was the first person to do a run of this game. I played this game from my youth and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to find a way to run it and I did. Here’s a link to the original run I submitted: I was the original mod of this game, and it was only me for a bit until late 2017. I was in a bad mindset at the time. I was pretty depressed. I was stressed out from multiple things including personal things and speedrunning. So when someone submitted a run one day, I unmodded my self from the game shortly after and you guys had to go resubmit it to the site again. I apologize for that. If you guys don’t remember any of this, then you are probably really confused.

Anyway, I’m making this post to say that I think I’m ready to be mods for games again. I took a break for a bit and I came back recently. I wanted to see if you guys remembered any of this happening and I want to be a supermod again. I have a lot of ideas for categories, and me and my brothers love playing this game. We played it back then, and we still play it today. I try to get them to do speedruns of some of the categories I made up even tho they aren’t speedrunners lol

You guys are probably confused reading this post. I will admit I’m not the best at explaining things (I’m autistic that’s the main reason). If you guys have any questions about this (which I know you will for sure), please contact me on social media or reply to this thread! I'm pretty sure that you won't believe me and I really have no way of proving it to you guys. I'm still looking for some proof that I was once a mod (like a screenshot or something). I'll reply to this thread if I find any. I really hope to hear back from you guys soon, I love this game to death and would love to try to start a small community around it. Peace


Hey Jimmy, kangareuben here. Thanks for reaching out, I remember all of that happening, though I didn't know your reasoning or circumstances. Welcome back! To be honest, tmanngen and I haven't been as active on MVP '05 as we'd like to be, so would definitely appreciate some support in the form of new categories, runs, etc.

I've attempted to make you a mod of the game, but the site says you need to enable email authentication before you can be added as a mod, which can be done in Settings. Please let me know when you've done this and I'll try again.

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I’m really glad you remember this happening and I’m glad you understand. I thought I was screwed when I had no proof to show. I’ve enabled email authentication so whenever you’re free go ahead and make me a supermod or mod (whatever you feel comfortable with).

I’m really excited to contribute to the boards I think you guys will like it. I’m also thinking about making a discord server for the game if we get more runners. But for now I think I’ll just make more categories for us. Thanks in advanced for making me a mod again!!