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i was just wondering if ps2 run were allowed with the updates to PCSX2 the game runs perfect better then NullDC and other emulators would it be possible to update the ruleset and get PS2 emulation regulated into the leaderboard or maybe a seperate section?

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Yeah, I don't see why not. If the emulator runs/loads noticeably faster then I can always move it to a separate category later.


thanks for the reply and clearing up the question ps2 emulation has come a long way and since DC emu was abandoned quite a while back im glad its allowed, i may be wrong but it does seem to load alittle faster then DC emu so it may be needed to create a seperate section for it but i may be wrong pls dont quote me on it ill have to run some tests and see if i can get some side by side comparisons to help categorize it better