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Stop crying ERIC, you know they don't give a shit! However ECZangief is a FRAUD since difficulty level was not recorded and without a timer as well! He could of done this on easiest mode instead of hardest mode as per game rules. As for the other two (Hassenzero & hocine), those are legit records since rules don't state to do this on standard damage mode. Peace Out


The runs were legit with the old rules, and while they shouldn't have been verified (or most of the other runs for that matter) for not showing the difficulty, I'm can't really unverify them at this point. Instead I've created a separate category that has standard tournament speed and damage settings, and clarified on when to start and stop the timer, as well as adding another clause that requires the runner to show the difficulty before or after their run. Hope this helps our dumb little speedgame.

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