Any% in 55m 36s by IcoIco - 1st place

Really happy with this run! Glad to have pushed the game under 1 hour ?

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Submitted by IcoIco on

Verified by sithyysithyy on


Name Duration Finished at
Alleyways 7m 48s 000ms 7m 48s
Crime Scene 3m 31s 000ms 11m 20s
Apartments 2m 32s 000ms 13m 53s
Church 5m 40s 000ms 19m 33s
Police Station 7m 47s 000ms 27m 21s
Cemetery 9m 53s 000ms 37m 15s
Mental Hospital 4m 37s 000ms 41m 52s
Museum 4m 57s 000ms 46m 49s
Church 2 3m 59s 000ms 50m 49s
Judgement House 5m 41s 000ms 56m 30s
Museum 2 1m 57s 000ms 58m 27s
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