New category request(Catch 'em all - Gen 3 Glitchless Hoenn Dex (R/S) (JP) (1 player))
1 year ago
Tokyo, Japan

Hello, I would like to request a new category to Multiple Pokémon Games.

[category] Catch 'em all - Gen 3 Glitchless Hoenn Dex (R/S) (JP) (1 player)

[Rules] This category is meant for the glitchless Hoenn Dex run of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire. One person must play both Ruby and Sapphire. You can't operate both games at the same time unless you are trading.

Timing is by RTA, where timer starts at "さいしょから はじめる" and ends when either Ruby or Sapphire obtains the diploma at the Cove Lily Motel.

All Pokémon from the Hoenn Dex except Deoxys and Jirachi need to be obtained. All active games must be shown for the duration of the run.

Saving and quitting (S + Q) is allowed. Runs must be done on Japanese versions. Using Emerald or Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire is not allowed. Glitches are not allowed.

Quitting during credits is allowed.

My video proofs part1: part2:

There are two other runners who have done this category.

Thank you.

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Gelderland, Netherlands

I've added a category for it under the catch 'em alls. It should show up soon (there's a delay presumably because of caching)

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for adding! I've just submitted my run.