New category request
1 year ago
Tokyo, Japan

Hello, I would like to request a new category to Multiple Pokémon Games. I have done a run of the main series glitchless back to back in the Japanese versions, so I want to submit it.

The category is Nonfecta (Base games) (JP). I'm not sure this category name is correct, but anyway it means nine games back to back. [Rules] Video proof is required for all submissions. The goal is to complete one of the first installments in each of the nine base games of the eight Generations back to back (Red/Green/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl, Black/White, Black 2/White 2, X/Y, Sun/Moon, and Sword/Shield). Games may be completed in any order.

Saving and quitting (S + Q) is allowed. Hard resetting the console during the run is allowed. Runs must be done on the Japanese version.

Game-specific rules are defined in each individual game's leaderboard with the following categories:

Red/Green/Blue - Any% Glitchless (Classic) JPN Gold/Silver - Any% Glitchless JPN (to Lance) Ruby/Sapphire - Any% Glitchless JPN Diamond/Pearl - Any% Glitchless JPN Black/White - Any% JPN Black 2/White 2 - Any% JPN X/Y - Any% JPN Sun/Moon - Any% JPN Sword/Shield - Any% JPN

My video proofs are in the following playlist: There are three other runners who have done this category.

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Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for adding! I've just submitted my run.