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Changes to both Main and CE boards!

Hey everyone, after the last big update there was a bit of a mess and I'm sorry for it, things just went wrong.
To fix it, we held a vote on a few major things. These things include how Relay categories are managed in our leaderboards, finally a consistent naming system for Sandbox/1120, 982 and its Any% counterpart, what we do with NSMB Series and if having Misc. on the main boards is even a good idea. The results are in and the changes are complete, so what did change on this leaderboard?



Merging relay categories

The times of Solo and Relay categories being their own is over. Now runs that have had enough relay runs (3 different teams, just like any category that wants to make it out of the archives sheet), will get Solo/Relay variables that allow for both types of runs to be stored under one category with split leaderboards. For this board it means bye bye to Sandbox Mario Any% Relay, as that got merged with the already existing Sandbox Mario Any% leaderboard on the Main leaderboards.


Introducing the 3D Mario 416!

Votes are in and there was a big majority for creating this category, but it was a close race between CE or Main board with the CE board barely winning out, so 982 will stay CE and now has a friend in the 416. And yeah this is a mess of numbers, just think 3D Marios without SMO and in 100% or Any% if you are confused by any chance.


NSMB Series moving (again)

To my surprise there is a silent majority that thinks NSMB Series deserves to be on the Main leaderboard, so that is now back on that. I say to my surprise since when we held discussions, nobody really opposed this idea/thought. But I guess holding that vote helped to correct this mistake.


Your input is important!

This whole thing can't exist without you, so we need your input on how things should be. Sure me and the other mods may have our own ideas of what Multi Mario is supposed to be but we'd just commit even more mistakes than I just did this month if it wasn't for your input. So if you read this and have somehow not yet joined our Discord, please do so! We have a #suggestions channel in which we can discuss these things to continue improving everything to make it as pleasing and welcoming as possible while still staying true to the main idea/identity of Multi Mario.

Welcome on the Category Extensions board!

Hey, now that this is launched, let me explain what you can do here:

First of all you can submit to the existing categories as usual. Nothing new with that.

But with the "Pending" category you can submit to any category that is listed here and not locked:
You can even submit new categories! The rule is simple, it has to be Mario games and follow the general game rules found on here, but can alter them if needed for the category.

Happy speedrunning! -Blood