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I am thinking on to do a run of that category in the future, and I have 2 questions about that category.

In all the New Super Mario Bros games, there is a mini-history before to start playing. For example: in New Super Mario Bros Wii, when you start a new file, appear Mario, Peach, etc. in the casstle, but come the bosses, and capture peach, and Mario and he´s Friends run, bla bla bla, that mini-movie.

In that category, is needed to look all that mini-movies?
Or you can simply start the run of a game with the first steep of the game?

That is my favourtie lol XD.
You can play more than 1 game all at the same time?
Or you are obligate to finish one game to start the other?

For example, in New Super Mario Bros Wii, when you finish the ship of world 8, there is a transition of Little time (I dont know the exactly time) to appear the Bowser castle.
In that time of transition that you dont need to absolutely nothing, you can start playing, for example, New Super Mario Bros of DS, to save the time of the transition of Mario Bros Wii playing Mario Bros DS.
I dont know, maybe you can finish the level 1-1 of Mario Bros DS with 2 transitions of Mario Bros Wii lol XD

Ps: I think that this put in the rules, so nothing, but I not have Mario Bros U Deluxe, so I play the Mario Bros U and Luigi U in the wii U, ok? :V

Ps: sorry if I speak so bad lol, I am spanish I am not good in english


1. Mini-Movies or as they are called Cutscenes are related to the actual game. Refer to the original Speedrun community in order to find that answer out. NSMB DS is the only game you're supposed to watch the cutscene, as games such as New Super Mario Bros Wii, New Super Mario Bros U, and New Super Luigi U, do permit you to either run the game from a new file, with the Cutscenes gone.

2. You are not allowed to run more than one game at a time. Say, If you finish New Super Mario Bros DS, You can setup New Super Mario Bros Wii while you're playing, but you are not allowed to setup the game until you have switched it. Same applies to New Super Mario Bros 2, New Super Mario Bros U, and Luigi U.

3. This is put in the rules. You are 100% Welcome to play Mario Bros U and Luigi U, instead of Deluxe.

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Okey, thank you so much Podz!
So, in any order of games, the only cutscene that need to be is the cutscene of New Super Mario Bros DS, nice xd