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A small update: I got huge problems with SMK, i'm definitely not doing it this saturday, maybe later.

@DarQ_Massacres I would emulate SMK and MKSC as well, even MKDS and MK7. However, I would actually emulate the Wii VC version of SMK if that's possible because I noticed that the SNES Emulator got a lot of problems with it.


where would I emulate MKDS and MK7 though, as far as I knew I couldn't get any good emulation for them


Desmume is a great DS emulator. As of MK7, Citra is the only one I know but it isn't too good.

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DeSmuME works for me, Citra Master (Nightly and Canary are a bit buggy) worked for me too but I only heard about it after I tested it so i'm not sure if it crashes on RR but it definitely runs faster on some tracks!


Hey, Between may 29th and June 13th I will try to run the Mario Kart Octathlon. Preperations are being made at the moment and I still need some equipment (aka capture device) and my Exams are coming but that's not gonna stop me.

To not disappoint you when I'm running, I have one thing to clarify: It will be a Nitro track run and MK8DX will be played and MK8 will not. This is because I find it more interesting to play the original tracks over the remade ones and MK8DX is faster than MK8 And playing the same game isn't very useful to me.

Does any one have a good recommandation for a capture device which can be used for old, new and handheld (3DS mainly) consoles?


@RacingGamer You can hack your 3DS which allows to record it, only works on the New3DS tho' (and you can only record 3DS games, no DS ones (not sure about VC)). I would use a emulator for DS/GBA


I work on this challenge since nearly a year and I already wrote a set of rules: I still have no video of this, DS and 3DS are the problem when we talk about capturing the game


I actually did a pentathlon of all home-console Mario Kart game earlier this week, I will upload it in couple days. I'm just waiting for an answer from Lafungo (super Mod on MK series board) as we could use a Multiple Mario Kart ''game'' and place our result there with other Mario Kart games. We could use different category like home-console pentathlon, Octathlon, hand-held Triathlon, Mirror Marathon, etc.


I'd say allow both mario kart 8 and 8 deluxe, but have a little check box for whether you played 8U or not


your literally necroing a 3 year old thread, stop

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