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Hey there

I was looking at the boards and was wondering why there's a misc category called "Super Mario Console Series Any% (Pre-Odyssey)" and why you cannot submit runs to it? It's classified as a 'legacy category', but this seems counter-intuitive to have a category without runners being able to submit runs. Why not just delete it, or even open it back up? It only has 2 runners so I can't see the former option being an issue, and the latter option would allow it to obviously act like a regular category.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


It's a decision Chrism and me made because this category is kinda obsolete anyway, you were able to submit to it for a while and I actually unofficially hold WR for it, but we decided it's stupid to keep it alive if it's just Console Series without the newest game. But because we can't keep these times in the new Console Series category, we left it like this for archival purposes. It would be a shame to delete runs just because a new game is released.


I don't know, maybe it's time for a review or something? Chrism isn't a moderator and usually these kind of categories get ridiculed/thrown out of the window when suggested nowadays. You could just keep a spreadsheet or something but this is obviously unviable as a leaderboard due to many more mario games being added.

Just my view, and thank you for your speedy response 🙂

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thats true you could make a sheet with the archived runs or something similar
is strange having a leaderboard with archived runs where you cant submit

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Having a rule that you cannot submit to the leaderboard because a new game came out is very arbitrary. I highly agree with eden that if you want to keep this leaderboard archived somewhere with these specific times you should archive it on a spreadsheet. Having the category exist only because a mod and a former mod felt like keeping it also feels like it isn't what the community wants and only what the mods want. Wouldn't it be a little strange if submissions to 982 were closed after Odyssey came out? The two best options are to either delete the category and keep the leaderboard archived or allow submissions to the category.

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Well I wasn't a mod at that point and Chrism still was, but I can move it to a sheet as soon as I got the time for it. I will notify Chrism about it and then we good I guess. Gonna just share that with the other admins and see what they say but I think this should 100% happen like this now.


Category has been moved officially, can be found on this now