Leaderboard changes! (+ Race stuff)

Hey everyone, there are a few news things to catch up on.
2022 is off to a busy start, thoughts, ideas and discussions all added up to this bulk of an update! All news listed in chronological order. Hope everyone has an amazing 2022! - Blood



540 Race in March

Last week people got together and started to organise a 540 Race that is set to happen in March!
Here you can get to the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EjxjQhMod_Bgyz2RirtI4h06lbOQKux2N-XhFzCQG_k


246 Race next month

That also means I will take back an experiment for the upcoming 246 Race next month, only having it happen in one of the last 2 weeks of February instead of it having the chance to happen in the first 2 weeks of March. The vote on the race day is still open, so get in to vote! (It will close on Feb 1st to make way for me to open sign-ups for the race!) https://forms.gle/zJUReKWuedXYBqUr9


602 Rules

This week started with a change to the 602 Leaderboard rules and Race rules that removed the limit set on taking breaks! Before that, you only had one break that is up to 10 hours long, any other break being limited to a max length of 1 hour. Now these breaks are entirely unlimited, but obviously there is still a punishment of losing time in the RTA run like with the old rules. Also the race length is still limited to 60 hours.


Moving categories around

And now to the biggest of the changes. NSMB Series, 370 and 982 are all moved to the category extensions now! We had a bit of a discussion round and overall we felt like this is the best move to make since these categories are not really relevant enough. Also since the 3D categories are that much more popular, Console Series joins Handheld Series in Misc.! And the order was slightly changed to look nicer (imo). Click here to get to the CE board! http://bombch.us/DRJ2


Rules clarification

For a final change I made a clarification in the game rules. It now says that all runs are timed RTA!