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Alright, so there is an idea to make AC Marathon - it will include all 9 main games - preferable in the order than came out - but maybe of course they maybe switched if schedules of runners are not allowing it

For now i'm ready to run AC1, AC3, ACRogue and ACSyndicate

Fed said that he ready to run ACU without patches and do ACBrotherhood

Maybe Cynaschism, Lazar, gamecuber will agree to do co-op AC2 run

Maybe Maglx will agree to do AC4 and ACBrotherhood or ACRelevations

ACBrotherhood i think should be the race but not conventional race - i think one runner can focus on achieving best RTA and use SSD and other runner focus on achieving best IGT and not use SSD - so both runs look quite different

Please leave your suggestions, times of your availability and your timezones below

Also what weekend can you possibly participate in the marathon


I'd be down to doa few sequences of AC2. Specific ones don't matter to me


I love teamwork, but I'm afraid I can't do this. If you want to know why, because I can't run two games in one sitting, and also I often have to work on weekends. 🙁

Do you have any idea else? Maybe you guys want to Bingo, race or something? I would enjoy to watching!


well actually that the idea - you don't have to do 2 games back to back - and we can put those two games futher from each other

as of weekend - it may be not on weekend - and in the end the thing is to choose just one weekend when everyone can do it - we will not be doing it very often - mostly likely it will one time only

and maybe you can do just one game? i would like for somebody to do AC4 because if no one will do Revelations - then i have to do it and AC3 after that - so it would be nice to have a 6 hour break before Rogue run


Did you asked this on thehiddenblade site?

Maybe someday, but I can't promise you, because I can't stream at anytime I want.

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