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My run got rejected because i used PAL version but it doesnt show that PAL version is banned anywhere in the rules


Yep, my bad, should've had it clarified in the rules before. In case you're wondering, the PAL version is banned right now because the timer is completely different.


Probably shouldnt be banned, should just have a separate leaderboard like on the RedTom site back in the day


Yeah, but if the timer isnt accurate, whats the point of keeeping track of PAL version WRs? I just didnt saw it in the rules thats why I made the post lol. I got a USA rom and NTSC instead of Europe rom and PAL version.

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I think the point should be that people from europe are forced too use an emulator and thereby have a disadvantage for playing the game on a much higher difficulty thanks to input lag. Not saying that is a bad thing, but it makes a difference.

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MTPO (PAL) and PO (PAL) for category extensions???