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It seems like so far, 95% of blindfolded movement within this game has relied upon buffer strategies, and for good reason. the many timing ques most runners have muscle memory built around in single segment rely on vision and quick reactions. it would appear that since blindfolded has basically hit its realistic limit with the mechanical movement of buffers that encompass multiple patterns, what must be done to push the times further? I mean, with any reasonable amount of effort im sure the punchout community could make a sub 16 blind segmented SS run, or a sub 19 RTA segmented run, but that would be like getting a mid 14:xx in single segment. Not even remotely within the realm of basic realism. To beat the current record is it more realistic to do more SS type strats, or just muscle through the RNG. (also salt, on runs that are dead if sandman gives the bad delay, just do the buffer the IL does because the run dies either way)