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Hello. I am not even attempting a speed run. I'm just trying to get good enough to TKO Mike in the first round on an original NES console. I know it's all about the delayed punch and I can do sometimes, but not every time, and it's hit or miss. Can someone give me any tips on how to time the second punch just right to delay it? I am almost always either too late or too early.


Just gotta practice it. There isnt really another way to get consistent, just try to keep your second punch consistent relative to the first.

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Basically what Pap said. There isn’t really anything besides practice the timing and find your rhythm. One visual cue you could use that could help a bit is, after the first face punch, Tyson’s head will snap back, use that snap as a sort of guide to help time the delayed frame perfect second punch.

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Yeah I've been so lousy at getting the rhythm. I find it for a few tries, then lose it for a few. I'm gonna try the head snap cue. I'm trying to find something I can say or way to measure the rhythm but it doesn't come easy to me. I got him down the first time at 1:05 but lost the timing for the next 25 seconds of the big uppercuts.