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Im currently attempting blindfolded runs on my switch console, when the time comes to submit my run will it be accepted as console is from the UK?

Also am i required to time keep? As my goal has been to achieve 14-0 and have never attempted a speed run of a game i have nothing in place for time keeping like I have seen used by speed runners

Thanks in advance


No, it would have to be from the US or Japan. You need to keep an accurate measure of each fighter's time if you want to submit a run.


Pretty sure playing on the Switch would still be 60FPS even though you are in a "PAL" region since the switch is a much more modern console, but I could be wrong.

As for time keeping, a completed run can always be retimed later - blindfolded uses realtime so it would be from the Start Press on Glass Joe screen until the credits theme begins. Obviously you will also have to have a webcam to sufficiently prove you are blindfolded.

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Sorry for bump, but couldnt you just change your region to North America?