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I know that Basketball and Hockey doesn't make sense as categories because theyre count-down based but I think Sports Mix would work. I know it's heavily luck based what sport you get (because Dodgeball and Volleyball are way faster) but especially Dodgeball is already heavily luck based if the CPUs catch the ball, if they pass it etc.

After you clear a cup you got the chance to take hidden paths, you could add a "Hidden Finale"/"Star Road" option (the game tells you if it's the Hidden Finale/Star Road or not).


Update: Since i'm a Super Mod now, I added all the categories: Sports Mix and Hidden Finals. I also added "Wii U" as a console so you can select that.

If you have any requests for more categories, just post them on the Discord (linked in the sticky).

Also, my Nunchuck broke, I will do runs of the new categories when I got a new one

/edit: Also moved to runs to the right category.