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Hi everyone,

This is a competition/marathon of Mario and Sonic at the olympics games Tokyo 2020, everyone can enter and participate. Every participant will enter in a team of his country, and at the end we will have a leaderboad of medals for each country, it's a bit like olympic. March 13th, it will be ILs speedrun. And March 14th and 15th will be fullgame run. Here is the link of the form : https:/​/​forms.​gle/​gi3BsJ7cGXeuGCAx9 .
You can register from now to March 1st.


This is for anyone who signed up for «M&SOG Clash 2020» there is a second form to be filled out based on people's suggestions. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to the original form is still open but will close Friday March 6th. https:/​/​forms.​gle/​XQ2ekHU2ZFLtSdm19