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Forum: Barbie: Super Model

Thread: DOS runs maybe?

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

The game is also available on MS DOS, can we have the platform available?

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Forum: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Thread: About Scarlet Version

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

I actually got the DOA X3 Scarlet today, and I'm thinking about run the game, so... Runs with the scarlet version (PS4 or Switch) will be accepted?


Forum: Dead or Alive 6

Thread: DOA6 LB Discussion Thread

Started by: gamebrain1gamebrain1

Welp, for Story mode runs,maybe could be better when All is unlocked, so we can separate in two categories:

Main Story: Only the main story fights
All Fights: All the fights.

But both categories ended with Raidou Battle


Forum: Warriors Orochi 4

Thread: Added selections of what DLC used

Started by: NaoTheSillyDufferNaoTheSillyDuffer

I think the DLC weapons don't add any advantage, because they're basically fancy unique weapons (with maximum of +19 compatibility - yeah, i made some research).

I don't have any DLC yet because, believe or not, the game isn't in Brazilian Playstation Network, my copy was a review copy Koei send to me. (and personally, I only wanna the costumes DLC and the Omega Force 20th Anniversary Live music DLC), weapons and mounts aren't my thing, but I understand the guys who doesn't wanna play the game on chaotic to pick the unique weapons.


Forum: Warriors Orochi 4

Thread: Should the runs be IGT?

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

I thought the Idea while was playing the game casually, because I wanna see how much time (In game) I was spending in every stage (took me around 13 hours IGT to beat the game)


Forum: Warriors Orochi 4

Thread: Should the runs be IGT?

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

In my honest opinion, I think the time for WO 4 runs should be IGT, since the game offers an internal timer for missions and load times may differ from platform to platform.


Forum: Double Dragon

Thread: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (PC Engine)?

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

I was wondering why not add the PC Engine version of Double Dragon II. I have not yet made the request because frankly I still do not know him well, but I think it would be a good addition.

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Forum: Super Double Dragon

Thread: Super Famicom Category?

Started by: mrsancinimrsancini

It is well known that there are notable differences between the Japanese and Western versions (US and PAL), such as difficulty selection, credits and enemy positioning, so as not to create an advantage for the Japanese version, I think it would be cool to create categories for the Super Famicom version. (for 3 difficulties and coop)

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