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Thread: Issues with "soft resets" with Bizhawk Emulator

Started by: DélganDélgan

use A+B+START+SELECT to soft reset instead of any of the emulator options


Forum: Uplink

Thread: UplinkOS

Started by: KhatrieKhatrie

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hello, it wasn't ever considered.
I agree it is a nice mod, personally though I think speedruns should only stick to the official, unmodified releases.
UplinkOS changes way too much; I suppose you could request a separate leaderboard for it once you finish a run.


Forum: Initial D: Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory

Thread: difficulty

Started by: mpumpu

the rules should have some mention of what difficulty we should be playing on (top is hardest, bottom is easiest)
my suggestion is to enforce playing on the normal (middle) difficulty, since that's what the game boots with


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Thread: Umihara Kawase discord

Started by: mpumpu
please feel free to join!


Forum: Umihara Kawase

Thread: No "All Fields" category?

Started by: AshutanAshutan

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I could add that category, but I really doubt anyone would want to do it. The game's already very reset heavy and in-game leaderboards for ILs exist

Princess Rescuer suggested a different approach to this though:


Forum: Umihara Kawase

Thread: Umihara Kawase Discord

Started by: mpumpu
please feel free to join!


Forum: Umihara Kawase

Thread: Legal emulators?

Started by: SailorMercurySailorMercury

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I don't think this has ever been established, I guess anything but ZSNES should be fine? (Bizhawk, newer versions of snes9x, higan)
Although if you're going to run on PC you might want to consider the PC port on Steam, it has a practice mode, its' own leaderboards for every field + ending, no slowdown and no input lag (emulation input lag can make this much harder than it needs to be)


Forum: Umihara Kawase

Thread: Trophy icons

Started by: KennyMan666KennyMan666

these look cool, applied. thanks for your contribution!


Forum: Worms Armageddon

Thread: Training disciplines are not missions

Started by: BujuBuju

yeah, i feel like basic training should be included as well.