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As a big fan of SNES and Monopoly speedruns, just let me make a couple of observations as far as this series' organization goes.

The big thing is the timing methods. How come the timing on the SNES version is different? Starting the timer "when the vault opens" sounds very random. It should probably be at New Game or when you enter your character's name and the game begins like any other game. That would make the games consistent with each other rather than one game starting in the middle of a cutscene.

The URL for the series page should be "", not the NES version. Perhaps make the game URLs "" and "" or something to that extent.

And for god's sake give these games a theme! These pages are so boring to look at, and they're MONOPOLY games! They're classics! They deserve to look nicer than this.

Take these requests with consideration please. I speak for all fans out there. Do this series some justice!

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All these points from user "f1" are extremely valid.

Please take each and every point and pour your heart's fullest extent into making your Monopoly series your pride and joy. So often, we see users abuse moderation power, by having things their way and not letting other users in the community help make the boards suit their needs. We hope that user "RantronBomb" is not like the other users and will actually make the changes that need to be taken.

As well as this, user "RantronBomb" has left out other classics from the series. Where's the GB version of the game?

This series can become one of the hottest boards on the site today if you put the correct amount of effort into making it happen. Thank you user "f1" for very kindly and sincerely pointing out the flaws with the series and thank you user "RantronBomb" for the consideration.

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Thanks for your inputs I am always curious to know what the community thinks. I chose to start the timer when the vault opens because it is a very loud audio queue. Starting the timer as close as possible to the button inputs is what I was going for. As far as the url goes I will try working on that if I can. I agree we need more games for this series. I am just waiting to be contacted by runners who want to join in. I will definitely get to work on makin the designs look better.

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Thank you for the response.
While I disagree with the timing start on the SNES version, I appreciate you giving me your reasoning. The first input is at the Start of the game, so I believe the time should start as you hit start before the cutscene, not during the middle of the cutscene.

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