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I made the series a logo if you want to use it

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Going with this authorblues can you change third place icon to be this one. The current one is a small image and not like the others. Whereas the image below is the same size as the other ones.


@authorbluesauthorblues @RantronBomb Please make this change as soon as humanly possible. The icons being a different size is an embarassment to the Monopoly speedrunning community. It's honeslty hard to look at it at this point.

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Replaced it with the classic blue 50 dollar bill. Alongside added a green 20 dollar bill for fourth 🙂


For some reason your change messed with the series' background and doesn't take up the whole screen anymore


Feel free to use these as icons so they all look similar (not blurry, different sizes, borders)

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Could you provide a 20/1 for fourth place?