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Would this be a waste as far as running the game, like when it comes to running the game is keyboard far superior or do people use controllers while running to?


The top 10 of Momodora is mixed with keyboard and controller players whatever the category, and both are fine imo. If the controls on the Switch are close to the pc's ones it's fine, unless you're not the type of runner who's good with controllers.


I actually greatly prefer controller so this is good news! thanks, and i'm pumped to pick this game up!


i really prefer keyboard because roll jump and jump attack is more comfortable.


It's all preference but keyboard can do the ladder trick while controller can't (it's only one trick that doesnt save THAT much time)


ladder trick is true time save and you cant run the game without it. saving 0.1 seconds is too important. because of that,keyboard is better...Kappa


being 0.1s faster is still faster


controller vs keyboard is basically preference

controller only loses out on the ladder trick which I think saves 7ish frames

def pick the game up on switch!!


I'd love to see submissions from anything not PC =)